Syncing up

Full Moon in Scorpio; Everything you feel is real

Today, the Full Scorpio Moon on the 13th degree. Magick now waiting to be claimed, as Mercury coasts in Gemini. Look up! Make a play for power, or watch your power be taken. Be real. Not everyone will catch your joke, but everyone will know your energy. There’s no fooling anymore. Veil is down, wires in repair. Tentacles meander to decipher. How do you feel?

0Sun in Taurus grounds out to illuminate. Lines are down as messages gather. Voicemail is full. We wait for the point. What is the message?! Perhaps it’s already happened. Doubt sets in.

A phone goes missing or broken. Death of synthetic reception. Time to listen up. Time to make your move. The writing in the sky screams “MOVE!” Yet, a long hard pause is felt.


The stage is set and ready for action. You’ll obviously get the outcome you intended. To fall or fly. Burn or Shine. Do you need a fire, or do you really just need a light? What are you waiting for? A push? A shove? Decisions, decisions. Intensity surmounts as it bursts forth. The pressure, oh ScorpiOH. Oh

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.


Todays Moon is pensive, quiet and mystical. It calls for few items from our lips. Potential for power decreases with each wasted breath. Choose your words well. Take time to be quiet, be still. Listen and watch. What you seek will find you. Ground yourself in the Taurus sun. Decipher with the Scorpio Moon. Waste few words. Build your insight.


Yes you are who you are, yes you can change.

There comes a time, post shift and post storm, when once again we choose a direction. Spinning within circles. Clarity is easily attained. Open your eye. Retrograde movement, Pluto calling. He’s ready to ride hard. An illusion of separation, yet oh so real. Death comes again. 

Observe the world around you. Feel for a moment, everything that is at once, both living and dead. It goes nowhere and fast. Yet nothing is left undone. You can get there without running. You can fight without engaging. You can win, because you already have. Focus intently. Watch things change.


It’s time to return. In these post storm moments, when you find yourself completely lost, remember, being lost is sometimes necessary. The most powerful of souls are often the most stubborn. There is always someone in proximity who knows exactly where you’re supposed to be. Take time to listen. Take time to pay attention. When you cry “Where am I?” remember, there are road signs surrounding your every move. Don’t look down, look up. Reach out, touch faith, and tap into your source. We are the divine and thusly the divine surrounds us.


So when you’re lost, just remember, it’s not an issue, it’s an Eschu. The signs are literally all around you! Everything you feel is real. Never pause to question it. Never stop to doubt yourself.

Trust your instinct. Trust your abilities. Trust yourself! Things will line up just as you see.


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