Jupiter Direct for Jupiter People

When a planet turns retrograde it’s a time to reflect on the inner self. Expansive Jupiter, ruler of all excesses, turned retrograde in Leo on December 8th. If you’re a Jupiter, Sagittarius, Fixed, or 9th house person this is huge for you. Jupiter stations fully direct today. Finally! Make yourself a drink! Pronto! But leave that credit card alone. Don’t touch that drama dial. Make sure to turn the hair gadgets off before leaving the house again. Hopefully we all got a little more royal.

Folks tend to project, instead of reflect, during a Jupiter retrograde. Make that especially so for this past go-round in Leo. Honey that mirror has been up for months. Gotta give the ol’ arm a rest.


If your Sun is in the 9th house, the past 5 months haven’t been the most serene of times. The same goes for natal Jupiter in Leo or in the 9th house. It’s been tough, trying and overall loaded with turbulence. You guys as well, natal Jupiter in Sag people. Also all you Sag Star, ASC and Moon signs. Add a dash of Leos and even a Pisces or two. This has been a fun trip!

The streamliner is on fire. But no worries, just stay aboard! Pretty much anyone with a dominant Jupiter chart has been letting go of useless cling ons. Hope that worked out well for you. As we lightened the load, we lifted higher. That’s what Jupiter is all about. Now a bit more expanded, time to go back to exploring and scoring. Growing pains suck.


Here’s hoping the storm will clear soon. At least the flames are going out slowly.


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