Jupiter Stations Direct: Get Jovial

Famine and flame have overcome us. Implosion, isolation and feelings of desolation betrayed us again. Steps in, holy god of luck. The bringer of restoration and joy, cue entrance: Marduk. Better known currently, as Jupiter.

Finally we begin to move forward after five months of retrograde.

Elam_r_(30)Marduk was the primary god worshiped in Babylon. He was a bid deal. Babylon was among the first societies to personalize Astrology. They brought it from we to me. While Jupiter isn’t technically an interpersonal planet, he’s still the ruler of our cosmic reality, which is very personal. Jupiter is also many ways the planet of fortune. That’s the fortune of the path, literal fortunes and even just feeling fortunate.


Jupiter, in the earlier form of Marduk, was known as the god of Thunderstorms. Those electric, charging, beautiful shows we love to watch… From very, very far away. Metaphysically, thunderstorms are big ideas. They come- Ah Ha! We want them and yet run from them.

Marduk carried other things beyond thunderbolts. He boasted weaponry! A swift bow, deadly spear or a wide net. Thunderbolts don’t seem so bad now, right? How about, none of the above?


Sorry doesn’t work like that. Since December 8th we’ve been experiencing our very own Thunderstorms via various means. Surely we’ve learned to cope with it at this point. Hopefully we absorbed some of that metaphysical lightning magick too. Surrender is a big theme here. You can’t escape a net with struggle. You can’t outrun a bolt, arrow or gliding spear with your own idea of liberation, either.

There was no escape. You may have learned that these past five months. But that’s Jupiter’s way. Take us, break us, hold us for a while. Then glide us back out onto a higher road when he’s finished. Of course, we’re eternally grateful impatient hungry children. Plus it’s time to get out of the house for a while.


When Jupiter stationed retrograde I posted an article about it. I touched on the ego, you know, that dismal blob that lurks in corners. I also mentioned: Signs of Jupiter bullshit include stagnation, speaking others truth for/to them, being dogmatic, being pretentious and being excessive to the point of collapse. This type of static breeds selfishness, ego fits of panic, racism, all forms of bigotry, passing judgements quickly. Speaking without consideration, being haughty and thinking you know it all. Closure to expansion and ultimately, failure. 


In hindsight all I can say is yes indeed. That’s been going on. Revisit now the Chandra symbol for that Rx stationary point, Leo 22:

An alligator swims slowly through a swamp.
Imperious self-command. The self, entirely conscious of its own territorial rights and privileges, exerts a presence, a force. Saturating the atmosphere with one’s love, light, and intensity. Big and bright, deep and formidable. So very purposive that your every breath is conceived to be part of the master plan. Grandiose and inflated, yet into something so essential that it is very difficult to go against. It is the ingrained aura of spiritual authority and cosmic intent, linked with the heights, seeping into the depths. You become so enduring and insistent that others back out of the picture. Graphic demonstration of being here now in your element, doing what you need to do. Sinuous, suggestive, sensuous, and somewhat prone to pushing it a bit. The inner light upheld at the cost of any and all extraneous factors. (from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale)


Now stationing direct at Leo 14. We are reminded why we struggle. A child learning to walk, then run. The polished stone drowning in a tide. Fractals of circles upon circles. It takes time to be seasoned properly. So the thunderstorms rage on and fade away. As the Solar Chandra point promised during the Lunar Eclipse a few days ago.. We are a (wo)man with pointed ears, super tuned in. Listen up, let go, pay attention.


Now we become the artist of our own lives. Ready to move forward as we ripen for fulfillment. Mmm, fruit.

A man painting scenes on a ceiling.
Inspired soul gifts. You are endowed with a great wealth of talent and ability–the natural artist, visionary, and attuner. Everything overflows. Huge scope, bigger than life; issues of ego; can the self be selfless? Raw vitality and virtuoso performance. This calls for a ripening and deepening to be fulfilled. When still bold and wild, you experience great struggle against constraints; when clear and steady, there are no limitations on what can come through. The prototype for the future. Giving the whole picture in all its glory. (from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale)

Expansive and indulgent when moving forward. Lonely and hungry when stationed retrograde. Jupiter can expand the mind, bringing luck and good company. Or he can explode from excesses while starving for the basics.

"Burying The Child" at Quinnipiac University's museum on the potato famine

We long for feast but have lingered in famine. Poverty overcomes. Doubt overtaking. Retrograde now passing, we are beginning to awaken.

A master of our canvas, painting to the tune of life. For now, the struggle is over. It’s time to eat.


If you haven’t been creative it’s time to revisit.

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