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Full Moon in Cancer; Sirius-ly Relax

The Full Wolf Moon occurred last night. I was horrified to find that my wifi was out all day, thanks Mercury Rx shadow for that. So now, I can post about the Full Moon! Don’t worry, it was worth the wait.

The Moon’s home is with the sign of Cancer. As I often say the moon represents our moods. The Moon also represents our mother, both literally, and cosmically in this lifetime. The mother archetype is easy to understand. We nurture, provide, protect and love. With this Cancer Moon we tap into our collective past experiences. With the South Node conjunct Uranus I’d say rapid insights are highly supported.

cancer FM

The full moon in Cancer is a time to choose nourishment over deprivation. What have you denied yourself? Do you sit in hunger needlessly until you feel empty? Do you latch onto people who don’t want you around? Do you need others approval? It is time to trim the dead branches from the tree so that it may finally bear fruit. Honor yourself. Imagine sending your troubles far away, out to see, never to return. Everything you desire may be fulfilled. But first you have to give yourself the permission to be supported and nourished.

The Wolf Moon made me instantly connect the Wolf archetype. Wolf totem is about taking time to think. Wolves don’t attack quickly, they watch and wait. They act with wisdom and experience. Wolves hunt in packs. They act with instinct. They follow their spirit and intuition. The Wolf teaches us that social connections are very important. We also learn that trust is priceless. Find your pack and stick with them. The Wolf operates with intelligence otherwise it dies. Don’t let yourself succumb to failure because you decided not to trust yourself or chose the wrong wolf pack.


We have the ability to call forth to both our cosmic and earthly mothers using this Full Moon energy. Goddesses like Yemaya, Isis, Heckate, Diana, Luna, Ishtar and Artemis. These are some of the most powerful ladies around! Call upon your favorite for assistance in self care. They are here to empower you.


Cancer is the Zodiac ruler of the 4th house. The 4th house rules our home and security. Planning a move or announcing a family expansion is highly auspicious during this time. As we begin the new Solar year, we prepare also for the Lunar new year of the Wood Sheep, on February 19th. Clean your house like your picky grandmother is coming.

Some native tribes call the Wolf Moon the Old Moon. It represents a new start. It represents a new year. So why call it the Old Moon? I think it’s a time to remember how far we’ve come both collectively and individually. It’s a time to rejoice and restart. The name Wolf Moon name comes from the time when the wolves would howl in hunger. Just as a baby calls for it’s mothers breast, we too crave spiritual nourishment.

Underneath your blackest emotions, far above your brightest wishes, stands a world for you to hold. Samael


The full moon occurred conjunct fixed star Sirius. This star is found in the constellation Canus Major, the greater dog. Sirius is a dog star and the brightest star in the Southern sky (northern hemisphere). The star is easy to find by following Orion’s belt. Sirius is tied to the Egyptian god of Death, Osirus. Pluto was conjunct the Sun at the time of the Full Moon. It’s no coincidence that his tomb was believed to be discovered during this literal illumination of his archetype! Yep, that just happened yesterday. So, what are you ready to unearth? What’s long past dead and ready for removal in your life? The gods of the dead await your decision!


Sirius is linked most obviously to the wolf, for which this Moon is named. In addition the Moon card in my tarot deck also shows Anubis, the Egyptian gatekeeper of the dead, who walks with dogs and has the head of a jackal. The energy lines crossing the sacred Scarab beetle remind us that divine connection is constantly flowing. We need only to use our intuition and tap into it. We need to shed the old karmic skin and let it go.

AnubisLogoSo I ask, how did Wolves grow to live with us? What did they receive from humankind that they couldn’t have gotten otherwise? The wild wolf turned companion dog. We became mother to them. We feed them, nurture them, care for them and protect their health. In return the wolf/dog offers us security, companionship and warmth on a cold three dog night. They teach us grace, patience, loyalty and psychic connection. It is said that our children are our greatest teachers. I believe our dogs are in a way our children, thus also our teachers.

There are three well known dog stars; Castor, Pollux and Sirius. Sirius is the brightest and most famous of the trio. The star’s name literally means burning as in; burning with anger, burning with hunger or burning with desire. Or, burning with sparkle! Your choice.

a0436d76132abdf1387a9fe180cd52daThe sign of Cancer rules the breast and the stomach. If your burning stomach is being ignored it’s time to finally pay attention. Conditions like nausea and ulcers are possible symptoms of Moon imbalance. Who makes your stomach turn? Is there someone you won’t let go of who makes you want to vomit? This spiritual need for expulsion is hard to ignore. Eventually it will latch onto your power and become a part of you. This type of self inflicted torture, or masochism, is fairly common. If you don’t claim your life for yourself, someone else will claim it for their own. Find your Moon goddess and find your voice. Tap into the divine feminine in order to receive spiritual nourishment.

As the grand cardinal square hits us hard it’s important to keep your priorities in line. Don’t get moody because you let yourself get overwhelmed. Take time for salt baths, elegant home dinner and entire evenings in a cozy spot with your favorite book. Sirius-ly, relax (see what I did there?!)


A dried up streambed covered with smooth rocks.
Unless tragedy strikes, a new Earth cannot be accessed. Only as all the old, familiar places dry up is there a path to walk revealed beneath, pristine and beckoning. It is no use looking back. The way lies right here, strewn with experience, memory, loss, and redemption by walking onward. It is a difficult, painstaking journey from here. You have to go so deep inside burrowing into the cave of navigational realization, that you are held, cherished, known, given all you need; yet as well required, commanded, to become entirely purposeful and to be the path and to cease all complaining and extraneous consciousness. This, in order to do what is here to do, with your entire being in ring- ing conviction and fidelity to the highest. (from inside degrees)

Some people believe that the way you handle the first full moon of the year sets the tone for the entire year. Since I prefer the lunar new year I’m not so big on that. However this old superstition is tough to ignore. Our intentions will manifest into our lives. Our thoughts and actions into who we become in the next moment, minute and hour. So take time to especially meditate on these topics. Soon Mercury enters retrograde for 3 more weeks of renewal on January 17th. Lets take the time now to love ourselves the way our favorite mother loves us. Or as the popular saying goes; I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.


Where is Cancer 14 in your chart? This knowledge will help you be more successful in these endeavors. Don’t know what’s up in that area? Post a comment with your birth information (exact time, city and date) and I’ll help you out. Because after all, this full moon is all about helping others!

Don’t forget to hug your dog babies!


Cha-Ching: Connect to your guides and/or angels during this frequency. Sirius is tied to guardians and the Moon to our mothers. So it’s a great time to remember where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

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  1. Greetings Christy,
    Happy New Year and many blessings to you this coming year. I will contact you when I get back, I have a package for you. By the way I love the article, I think my moon is in Cancer. I forgot the degree but wanted to see how the full moon affect me. Loving California and having a great experience here. Keep me posted and chat with you soon.

    • Hi Lekeisha! I saw your pictures of goats and loved them 🙂 Your Moon is Aries but you do have natal Mars at 16 Cancer, making this a conjunction for you! This is the same for me as well with my natal Mars too- We are Natal Mars twins! You should feel full of gusto and alive for the first time in months. I know I sure do. Motivation, energy and focus are finally easy to grasp. Mazel tov to you goddess! See you soon- XXX

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