Cosmic Dust

Moon Conjunct Saturn

The Moon dances through Scorpio and joins Saturn the great god, judge, teacher and often malefic player all day today. Here at the tail end of Scorpio we’re starting to feel pensive, moody and dark. Hell, you may even feel sick! Saturn we will surely ruin someones day all day long! Yet it’s for no other reason than rigidity. Take it in stride, bend those knees and step step step! March on and learn this lesson. See what is to be seen. Learn what is to be learned. Don’t assume others are out to punish you. Look beyond the mirror. The answer is the issue and it lies within you! 


An umbilical cord. 
Definitely completely attached, but what you are attached to changes drastically. Each time it is to the source of sustenance. If at first a mother, womb, an elemental past, it can easily become later on a great teacher, a path, a journey. You are still thoroughly, personally hooked into the sweetness, the juice, the power. Yet as the levels shift, as the attunement deepens, you go from destructive enmeshment toward incredible openings. And as you learn to cut loose from each last thing and to move toward the next greater thing, you become adept in the rough process of inner soul work. You have an extraordinary aptitude for taking the most binding and heavy-duty circuits and moving into and through them, grasping hold of the guiding influence of ever-greater circles of allegiance. Leading eventually toward mutation and evolutionary breakthrough of the first magnitude.

There is loss and through the loss there is gain. Don’t let the pain get the best of you. Never succumb to the passivity of defeat.

The more you change the less you feel.


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