Cosmic Dust

Dark Moon Power; New Moon Scopes

Kim is one of the best Astrologers out there in my humble opinion. Here’s her account of the Solstice New Moon occurring on Dec 21 and 22nd. We’re feeling it now. XXX-C

The 11th House

Christian Schloe - Austrian Surrealist Digital painter - Tutt'Art@ (7)Christian Schloe – Surrealist Visions

It’s the Dark Moon now until December 21st/22nd, SOLSTICE – the perfect time to reflect on the power and energy about to shift with the final New Moon of 2014. Dark moons are for rest, recuperation, meditation and quietude. Find a place, inner and outer, that represents peace to you and go there.

New Moon 0 Capricorn 06′
LA – Sunday – 5:35 pm
NY – Sunday – 8:35 pm
Lon – Monday – 1:35 am
Syd – Monday – 12:35 pm

New Moons are perfect for setting intentions, pre-paving desires and focusing our energy on what we want, but often we’re too busy to get in touch with how we really feel. As the dark moon deepens this week, we can look back over 2014, asking what came to be. What could use some tweaking? Is there any dead wood that wants pruning?

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