Syncing up

Venus in Capricorn

Venus entered the sign of Capricorn last week and she’ll remain there until January 3rd of 2015. Venus is the ruler of our relationships and the things in our life that make it so incredibly beautiful. When I say things of course I don’t mean literal things. I mean the best things in life aren’t things. You know that by now.


Practical Capricorn lends a grounding edge to relationships both professional, personal and romantic. These relationships may’ve gotten awry when Venus was strolling through fiery Sagittarius. Wild concepts are becoming concrete. It’s a great time for planning the future. The round about communicator may suddenly find themselves in a doldrum of reality biting their ass. Liven it up some! Capricorn is far too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

The-Two-Goats-763725While Venus is in Capricorn it’s a great time to restructure areas which have become dusty. I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing my house like there’s an impending deadline with a cash prize. As we enter the solar new year it’s important to have all our goats in a row.

How are your relationships? Are there issues on the back burner? Now is the time to use intellect to work out emotional issues. Mercury goes retrograde on January 21st as Venus begins it’s tour through airy Aquarius. This is the time for structure. This is the time to communicate.

Speak from your heart. Don’t let the aloofness of Capricorn control your emotions. But don’t let your emotions rule your intellect either.

Let Venus take a shining to your practical side.


What do you think?

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