Holy Shift; Gemini Full Moon

The Full Moon in Gemini 14 hits the airwaves at 6:37am CST on December 6th, 2014. This is the last full moon of the solar year. It’s called the cold moon for obvious reasons. Cold is also symbolic of leaving things in the past. This has been a repeating pattern over the past several moons and this one gets a little weird but settles into a chaotic splendor.


Wild shit is bubbling up as Pandora hangs out a little too close to home. Her loose visit with Uranus in Aries can really get things weird. Sounds like somebody may show up unannounced in your personal space. Back up, fool. We want to break something, like the post-modern mold of society. 


Moon in Gemini

A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross. 
Laws are made to be broken. Limitations are kept in place so that those who are not ready to go through radical changes in evolution will be able to locate themselves. But then there are those who cut through every limitation, break every law by the sheer power of their inner gaze, their presence, their magical will. When they cut loose, worlds that have been kept apart flood together. This is a force of awareness that seeks to bridge, to mediate, to connect, to bear messages back and forth. A mission or great task is involved: to let the future flood through and repolarize the fractured world toward wholeness. A sensibility made up of equal parts daring and skill. The daring is afraid of nothing and nobody; the skill embodies the daring in action. A perfect combination to catalyze and spark and make inevitable the cosmic forces bringing their imprint to bear upon the outer physical existence, just as though that is what we do around here and “why not?” From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

Now is a time to channel your intuition and psychic knowledge. Act using the crown and third eye. This is a crossroads in time. Between one twin, we face limitations and suppression. By the other, freedom and power. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the great magician. We are being called as creators to use our magic. I recently posted the symbolism of the hands in an article called Hands up, Hands up. Gemini rules the hands and shoulders. This Full Moon the master energy workers of the universe are calling on us to make some shit happen. We’re next in line to be the masters. It’s time to get our hands dirty.

So check out this chart. It’s amazing. Saturn in the 12th house, deep below and overseeing from his last days of power in Scorpio. A massive stellium across the entire 1st house. A stellium is a grouping of planets with a hugely stellar impact involving teamwork and melding energies.


Firstly, our old friend knight Lancelot is here to summon the heroic energies of the masses. He’s tied to father Sun, Osiris and all other father creators like the Green Man and the sign of Leo. He reminds us that Justice is swiftly approaching. There really is a knight in shining armor. He’s fighting for revolution.

Hecate, goddess of Witches dances the first step in many goddesses lined up for this mother Moon fiesta. Within a massive stellium with Mercury, the Sun, Ceres, Pholus, Venus, Vesta and Pluto in the 1st house and across the horizon line. Whew! That is a truly all star line up of power. The possibilities are endless.

 When people say the stars aligned, this is what they mean.

This packed Stellium begins with a Mercurial+Hecate conjunction to the warrior star Antares. Said to be the watcher of the Western sky, Antares is courageous and mighty. It points to unpredictable upsets and rebellion against oppression. The result is always a drastic and rapid change.

This is a stellar version of holy shi(f)t. A true who’s who of #WINNING. Slight of hand and magick commands; The warrior kicks off the party.

giphy copy 2

Mercury, magician of the sky and messenger of the gods, in union with Hecate the goddess of witches. She stands at the crossroads with wisdom for important decisions. She bestows courage and power. She encourages us, as does Mercury, to use our own magick, truly to put our hands up and declare our power. We are ready to die and be reborn. Plus, Mercury has all the social media hook ups! The revolution is going to be on your social media feed! That service is provided kindly by the Pluto in Scorpio generation’s obsession with ousting secrets and conjuring rebirth. Persuasive is an understatement.


Ceres a demoted planet is hanging out with the Sun. She’s here to smack us around like Saturn’s mother from hell. She’s bearing blessings and promises of a better Earth. Ceres is all about security and structure. That’s what is demanded. She’s our midwife, our mother and our devourer. She’s ready to spank us, because we kinda like it. She’s not easy to please and neither are we.

With Pholus at it’s center there be caste a point of no return.

1st house, announce yourself and be known. 

Sound off, roll call. Line up!

Time to devour.

giphy-2 copy 2

Pholus is truly the key to this event. As Moon and Part of Fortune stand in illumination across descending the horizon, centaur asteroid Pholus has a massive list of things to remind us about involving the future. Pholus is the pressure that pops the cork. She’s the first protestor to show up, she’s the first wave of a movement and the explosive tide of change. She’s the moment of collective turning points. Pholus rules specifically, situations involving three generations. The first clue to captain obvious here is her presence in freedom demanding Sagittarius. Sagittarius does not tolerate inequality. It’s the beginning of a new era.


A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil. 
The one who lives inside is awash in colors, tones, and symbolic ritual displays of an extraordinarily precise attunement to the heart and soul of ancient wisdom. You are suspended in a long-ago time. So much of your being is still back there. The evolution of the world since the ancient times is neither acknowledged nor accommodated in any way. It all depends upon whether this exquisite gift of soul remembrance is honored or exploited. If it is exploited, which is so very tempting, the life empties out of meaning and value and becomes false and repulsive. If it is honored, the expanded faculties on tap become revitalized and find a fresh relevance. As the Divine Feminine reveals what we need to know and draws us to our utmost capacity, it is with an unfallen grace of sensing directly into the deepest parts of people and all they can become in the ancient future just ahead. From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale


Vesta is the finale in the line of birthing goddesses. She’s reminding us to focus our energy and attention on what really matters. This is just another adventure. No need to fear, Vesta is here. We’re being freed from our blockages and being recharged with light. Sitting in the first degree of Capricorn, she suggests that what is started will be long lasting in effect. Wait for your crowns to tingle because they will. Let the energy flow!

ZYI37As minds begin to change the dialogue shifts. Truths and life changing catalysts are happening world wide. 

Mars has new spiritual poof in Aquarius. This is the flow of things to come. He will get the job done. Jupiter and Juno are still in Leo with Jupiter forming some fortunate aspects with this star studded cast.giphy-2 copyIf you’ve been waiting for the birthing pains, headaches, heartaches and cloudy thoughts to end.. This may be your moment to shift gears and level up. Neptune still forms a hard square to the Sun and Moon, but with the house of the rising sun full of deities from the world of change and growth, we’re sure to have a lovely experience.


Full Moons are meant to illuminate areas in our collective where we need to focus our energy and effort. It represents a massive trillion watt flashlight of masculine and feminine in union to bring a brighter future.  

Five Goddesses are here to create with us.


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  1. This is one of those reads where I feel like it was written just for me. I needed this. My first baby is 6 months old and I am very much feeling the birth pains and clouded, muddled thoughts, like I can’t “snap out of it”. I’m starting a new job in nursing next week and am ready to tap into this powerful energy!

    • That’s awesome Brit. I hope things shift in your favor. If you’d like more specific info you’re welcome to send me a message on the Facebook page and I’ll gladly look into your chart for you ❤ Much love an light to you Momma Goddess ❤

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