Hands up, Hands up

About two weeks ago I was literally seeing the word man all over the place. Artists last names on billboards, hearing stuff on the radio, seeing someone holler “Maaaan” to their friend at just the right moment. It was interjecting in every way possible. Just a few days later I started receiving downloads about hands, Gemini and Mercury. I knew that the word man alone wasn’t significant directly, just a clue. So I pretty much sat around rhyming man and hand for a while. I didn’t tie it to anything at that point. I just remained open. I really started focusing on my own hands. Soon after songs, poems and conversations began developing regarding hands! This is the wave, the sync. Then it came to me.


Our hands are a very powerful expression of who we are. We can use them for healing, cursing, harming and holding. We can decipher our fortune using the age old art of Palmistry. Even writing is a form of Magick and is done with the hands. That’s why it’s called spelling. In an energetic sense, the left hand is the receiving hand and the right hand the outgoing hand. The left is the feminine and the right the masculine. When the hands are not writing, they are communicating the frequency of their being, while connecting to the network.Astrology

Hands represent authority, connection and action. Hands united stand for mercy, justice and consciousness. Hands raised at the same time can raise a vibration, cycle it through the personal channels and release it as something completely different. This is why peaceful protests are so effective. We manifest with our hands.

In Astro Medica the hands themselves are ruled by the sign of Gemini and the planet Mercury. Mercury is the great trickster and magician. The Latin word for MAN-ifestation is formed around the world MAN-US- Manus- which is the Latin word for handHumans around the world are opening themselves up to the communion of universal flow by lifting their hands for change.

As above, so below.

Uranus in the first has us screaming aloud- 

We’re here, we hate this shit and it’s gonna change! 

There is no other option but to respond.

Hank Willis Thomas, 'I am a man, from the series I am, amen', 2011

We are one people.

We all deserve equal rights..

The right to be free, the right to be healthy, the right to be safe and the right to be peaceful.

It’s okay to show concern, compassion and disgust. It’s not weakness to trust your neighbor. It’s not failure to surrender to the flow and put your hands in the air. It’s a sign of confidence and power. You know where we’re going! Rise like a phoenix again. Use your energy and manifest the world we all need.

Luther King's Hands

From December 15-22nd The Sun, Moon and Mercury will all three cross the star Acumen. With Venus crossing Acumen earlier, on December 9th. The star Acumen, see back to the word MEN, sync again, lies just above the tail of the scorpio. It can be thought of as the peace under arms. Significant, right? Arms (bearing hands) literally as well as the opposition who is bearing arms. The name Acumen is actually a Latin word meaning mental acute-ness, a point or sting. This mental implication has immediate ties to the Mercury Archetype although the star lies just above the tail of the Scorpion. The effect of this star across four major personal planets will have people feeling worn out. Perhaps you missed my article on December? It’s important to keep yourself charged up. Don’t let yourself get worn by life to the point of surrender. The star also implies that there can be disgrace, legal problems and possible imprisonment. Here’s hoping our hands stay up in solidarity, that the legal and imprisonment fall upon the shoulders of those who earned it, rather than those who are being protected from such a system.a1babeba9460c5e7839b47d277dfc732The star cluster of Acumen itself is linked to tragedy of the eyesight resulting in blindness in one or both eyes. Of course from a divination sense, this strongly implies the mark of the Oracle. When the eyes, especially the left eye, go blind it’s said that there is a great gift of psychic vision. When applying this metaphor to the situation, people are rapidly going blind to the ways of consumption and material based living. They are quickly realizing that the most important thing is each other.

tumblr_mau49vEXHe1rdfd5lo1_500_largeThere are radical levels of peaceful protests happening right now on a global scale. Hands are in the air worldwide holding candles, signs and their own energy vortex. People are cultivating the warrior spirit of change and renewal. Social justice will be served. Hands being used as independent media outlets. It’s only a matter of time.

The hands-up show number ten. Ten is the house of Saturn, ruler of order, law and correct action. In a way the hands up protests are literally calling forth Saturn’s order. Protestors are claiming their power by using their voice, but even more especially, by using their energy and simply being present.

handsupWe are now beyond the threshold. We are in the beginning of a new world. Time to open all the doors- because that’s how doors work! Enough with the helpless excuses. Doors have hinges, so use them. Protect your valuable energy. Don’t give yourself away. Set energetic boundaries. Guard your heart.

Jupiter and his bride Juno are currently dancing through the sign of Leo. Two months ago I posted an article regarding these such expected events. Now they’re here! That was fast. I can’t believe people/we/us/man/human/woman still have to protest this shit. Glad we have the gods on our side. Glad this will be changed soon enough.



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