This Month; Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Wow, it’s december. Time to kick off the last month of the Solar year. Full of frost and debt avoidance.. Perhaps social avoidances as well? Our friend Neptune is squaring the messenger Mercury today, ushering in the beginning of the 12th month.

Mercury wants us to communicate, strike up brilliance and plan ahead. When we clearly communicate we are doing Mercury a solid.. So to politely return he’ll grant us luck and extra magickal powers. Yes, that’s right. The magician is in the house of Jupiter, luck abides, man. Yet Neptune feels quite differently. This dreamy king of the deep sea wants nothing other than meditation, fantasy and relaxation. Get lost in your own thoughts. Get creative. Be compassionate.

What about Mercury?

OCD to the max.

Internet gobbling, talk vomiting information hound.

Where’s the common ground?

Dreaming something so ridiculous it may just work.


Neptune whispers be quiet or leave. Sit still and tune into yourself for a time. He reminds us that what we protect will guide us home. Be kind to animals, don’t eat them. Be kind to children, I guess don’t eat them either!

Mercury rules the unicorn,

get your horns on. Tune ’em in.

Antennas be popping off.

Neptune swears to inspire us, always. Yet the squaring of these two, Mercury in the Sag corner and Neptune in Pisces, could be potentially detrimental. See, coupled with the excess-prone Sun and Venus, also in Sagittarius, shit may get a little out of hand. Venus has just excited the blinding light of her Sun. She’s free again! Don’t get swept up in delusional glamour. Get real, get lucid! Get dreamy with someone wiser.

wes bentley edward mordrake american horror story 2

Neptune is changing the currents of society, from the deepest trenches, upwards. Our collective wishes, karmic debts and hidden dreams are bubbling up. We can see this pattern across the globe. Uprisings in the USA, Mexico, Italy and more.

Tides of people, watch and wait.

Sit, armed linked.

Determine fate.

While Uranus rules the literal revolution, Neptune rules the entire Karmic tide. Just as water is adaptable, so too are we. Just as water make huge waves, leveling entire cities, so can the consciousness which embodies Neptunian action. Passivity. Peace. Change. Dreaming what’s better. The tide is rising. Where are we going as a society? What dreams did we make years ago that are not coming to fruition? Time to remember who we are, what we want and where our world is headed. This is the wake up call. Ding ding ding!


Uranus is in Aries which is ruled by Mars and kicking ass (ours and everyone else’s) for a while now. Plus Mars is nearing the end of his stint in Capricorn. These guys are like a fire blasting cannon from our electrically structured imaginations. They made excellent launching pads to fuel the fires of change here on Earth. We are finally creating our reality together and it feels pretty amazing.

Mars enters Aquarius at the end of the week, on Friday the 5th. The collective consciousness will once again receive another boost. Mars, warrior of our inner system, is here to help us kick some ass!


Present Neptune sits at four degrees in it’s home sign of Pisces. The mouth of the great Karmic fish seeks to swallow anyone who stands in the way of it’s journey to the bottom of the sea. We surrender. We’re swallowed whole.

Once we’ve pushed our way through, we can finally set out to seek the sun rising. The masses worldwide are screaming for the sunrise. We’re gonna get it! The exaltation of Neptune in Pisces is overwhelming and obvious. We are no longer silent.

Mushrooms springing up everywhere. 
You’re being engulfed by external and internal factors and facets that suddenly are there everywhere and come right in–no boundaries, no separate container. The universal life-force carrier and representative, incapable of pulling away from the collective call of life, is intoxicated with it all. Massively taken over by emergent currents and whatever feels vitally important. Impressionable and suggestible with an unbelievable depth and intensity. Absorbing the shock of all that is happening here raw, and impelled to rally people around to bring everybody alive, to make it happen. You ooze conviction and resonance with the basic core spirit in each and all–three hundred percent all the way. (from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale)

mushroomdec14Mycelium is one of my favorite subjects. It can be described as the network, internet or connections similar to a root system between Mushrooms. We share about fifty percent of our DNA with Mycelium. I’ve often used it in lectures to describe consciousness, the neurological system and the way the solar system is connected. For years we’ve been divided by the powers who were. The Pluto in Scorpio generation will have none of this! They will seek out those who are psychic destroyers, vampires and void inhalers. Destruction ushering in rebirth.


By mid month fixed star Acumen promises somebody is going to be held accountable. We can only hope it’s for our team! Come December 22nd the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in the Void of Sagittarius (0 Degrees Capricorn) will hold a 4 degree conjunction with Mars. Plans will finally be mobilized into action. What begins will continue. Saturn take the wheel! We’re ready for restructuring!

tumblr_m8gqm7WHvL1rwvm25o1_500So, December will prove set the tone for what’s next. In this case, next year. Be smart! Stay creative, positive and full of love. Listen to your intuition. Communicate honestly. Always cheer for the underdog. Don’t assume what’s communicated is the truth. Always seek the answers. The children of the revolution are here. Dive into Magick and let your heart guide you. Now we learn the final lessons of the Horse year before the Goat year begins in February. Run free!

Be careful what you commit to,

although thrills may be short lived,

the long term implications often are not.

It’s going to get more real. Don’t let yourself be exhausted. Reach out to others and make connections. Our network is our greatest resource. This goes for the internet, social media and especially in presence of flesh and soul.

More to come,


“Time and Tide Wait for no Man.”

Geoffrey Chaucer, Who bought golden apples from the dragon thrown.

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