Types of AstroSync Readings

I offer readings for all ages and all types of souls. Usually when someone is interested in having their chart done it’s because they’re feeling stuck. They need a boost in life, some advice, some direction and most importantly, to get back in touch with their soul. Sometimes people contact me for readings because they are seekers. They’re looking for karmic keys, past life information or family history. For fewer people, Astrology is a curiosity they’re exploring.

Here are the 4 types of basic readings I offer

Natal Chart- This is the most common type of Astrology service. When you hear someone say I had my chart done they’re almost always referring to their natal chart. Natal charts are essential for any type of reading. The exact birth time and location must be known. From there we can see exactly the personality, family ties, karmic contracts, past, present and future (all one) and determine methods for reaching the highest self. Gift certificates for natal readings make awesome gifts for grads, birthdays or even new babies.

Transit Chart- A transit chart refers to current celestial activity influencing the natal chart. Transit charts are useful for answering questions about sudden changes or any upcoming decisions which need to be made. They’re used for business and personal planning. Transits may also be used to determine anything from launch dates, first dates, court appearances, cross-country moves, career changes, new romances and even marriage. Transit charts make great gifts for anyone. Somethings always happening and there’s always a question to be answered.

Progressed Chart- The progressed chart is simply the natal chart, progressed via the laws of cosmic dynamics. It is used to assess the matured personality, current path or obstacles in life. Progressed charts are useful when answering questions in the now about the self, repeating patterns or stumbling blocks. They make great gifts for someone going through a milestone in life or anyone over 24 years old.

Synastry Chart- Synastry charts are simply two natal charts laid over each other. I love synastry charts because they tell beautiful stories of lives gone by. They are primarily used for romantic interests and compatibility oriented readings. Synastry charts can also be used for any relationship, parent+child, employee+manager, friends and more. They make excellent anniversary or wedding gifts.

Specialty Charts:

Archetype Chart- Do you feel drawn to ancient Egypt? The Norse gods? The Roman or Greek empires? There’s a reason for that. Discover your Archetypes, find your guardians and remember your path with an Archetypal reading. They make great gifts for the culturally obsessed person in your life.

Death Chart- Someone you love has passed over. It can be family of flesh, spirit or fur. If you know their death time and location I can read the wheel. It’s very comforting for grieving families or friends to hear where their familiar is now traveling to. The death chart reading is not for someone who is freshly mourning their beloved. It’s best when the mourning has moved into the phase of acceptance and the client is indulging the bittersweet memories of times gone by.

Healer Chart- Are you interested in healing? Are you already a healer? Do you feel overwhelming compassion, empathy or telepathy? This chart is for you. Having your healer chart done can offer insight into harnessing and yielding your gifts more beneficially.

Medica Chart- Astro Medica was first used during the time of Hippocrates. Each sign relates to an organ, ailment(s) and area of the body. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing sudden or ongoing health challenges I suggest this type of reading. It’s a specialty natal reading. It is not however a substitution for medical attention. Rather it’s an excellent tool to discover and clear the metaphysical and karmic blockages which may result in health conditions.

Mystic Oracle Reading- I started offering this as an option for someone who is invested in various esoteric arts or healing methods. If you want to know more about your psychic gifts this is your reading.

Past Life Chart- Essentially all types of readings offered will include past life information. I look for it to give me clues on how to help everyone. If you are particularly interested in past lives, karma, guardians and your sacred contracts I advise starting with a full natal reading with past life emphasis and then scheduling second reading 3-6 weeks afterwards.. Once the initial information is digested. Most people gain an overwhelming amount of insight each time, so I always advise small steps, rather than wild sprints. Past life charts are great anytime, birthday, thank you or misc gifts for gurus, yoga fanatics, hippies, yippies, retired flower children and millennials.

Romance Reading- Yes I offer them. They make awesome valentines gifts, anniversary presents and wedding gifts.

Witch Chart- Which witch is which? Find out by having your Witch chart done! Witch charts are fun. Often the craft runs in families. Find out where your talents stem from! Learn to claim your power, harness your magick and call upon the guardians and directions most beneficial to you. The Witch chart can be an awesome way to find peace with who you really are. Most modern Witches have been practicing throughout lifetimes. Find out more about your power. The Witch chart makes excellent gifts for your witchy or magickally-curious friends.

Wizard Chart- This is a new type of chart for me. I had wizards coming through looking at healer or witch charts I just naturally evolved to create this magickal option.


What else I offer- Animal readings! Yes! For your dog, cat, horse, bird, pig.. whatever. If you have a special fur child with whom you feel a strong connection then I suggest a synastry chart. If you have an animal with a particularly strange affliction of personality or health I can help with that too.

Educational Readings- If you’re a current or future student of Astrology I am happy to include the hows with the whys during your reading to encourage self-study and exploration.


How’s a reading done? I prefer Facebook Chat actually. It gives the opportunity for open platform communication, encouraging questions and dialogue. Using FB chat affords the client a transcript of their reading. Often it takes days or even weeks to assimilate information covered. Having a typed record saves me from having to repeat something. I prefer to not do phone readings for this reason. I also offer email and I’m currently working on a video option. Of course I offer readings in person in the New Orleans area, but I highly suggest bringing along a recording device, or downloading an App for that.

Payment: For new clients a first reading usually takes right about 2 hours. I always start with a natal reading but can incorporate specialty options as well. The first natal consultation is $150. I make exceptions for those with fixed or low income. For ongoing clients I offer 2 hour sessions for $100 or 1 hour for $75. I use Paypal.

Now through the holidays I’ll be offering AstroSync gift certificates. They make excellent gifts for the people on your shopping list. Gifting a useful service shows you care.

Email me at for yours or just send $100 to the same email address via Paypal and note it’s for an AstroSync Gift Certificate. I’ll send one digitally to the senders email address. Want more than 2 hours? Email me and I’ll customize the gift certificate for you!

2hr GC sample

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