The number 88 in numerology is a very powerful number. The single 8 represents karma, death/rebirth, and energetic or magickal power.

Its likeness to the infinity symbol is no coincidence. What goes around, comes around. That goes for hard work, bad attitudes and wishes. When you double up you’re calling forth a magnitude of prowess. Financial matters are at hand. Following your dreams, manifesting them into reality, and following the circle of life are all themes of the number 88.

It’s also been said that 88 represents the sign of the pig/boar in Lunar Astrology. The sign of the boar is known to be the most enduring, creative, entrepreneurial, and charming of all the animals in the wheel. A double, or even triple, pig always means that good fortune is surly on it’s way!

Pigs are most tied to the Western Zodiac sign Scorpio, which rules the 8th house. Scorpio is ruled classically by Mars and modernly by Pluto. Scorpios, like the Eastern sign of the Pig, are also highly intuitive, powerful, creative, charming and entrepreneurial.

All the themes of the number 8 and 88 can be found in both the Mars and Pluto archetypes. Use the number 88 to conjure power in business, love, and travel. You can also use it go to hog wild!


Do you think you may be a Boar?

Boar/Pig Years:









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