Full Moon in Taurus

The Beaver Full Moon occurs at 4:23 CST on November 6th, 2014. The symbolism of the great Mother Moon joining the constellation of the great Mother Earth leaves eons of implications.

The November Full Moon is a blessed time of Spirit communion. The Veil is Lifted. The month of November your spirit guides will be in constant communication. If you ignore them, they’ll simply push harder to be heard. During a Full Moon people often experience what I call Karmic Purging. The Sun in Scorpio will accentuate this effect.


The Full Moon in Taurus shines the spotlight on security and goodness. The struggle to survive is often against the self. Don’t make things complicated. Don’t be stubborn, be accepting. Won’t you value yourself a little more? Stop giving people discounts. Stop with the negative pitfalls. Won’t you value others more? Tell them you care. Smile at strangers. Practice more random acts of kindness.


Taurus is tied to Venus, our Mother Goddess of Earth, ruling love, stability and beauty. Her Full Moon marks the time when she is ready for us to choose her corner. Ready we are! Earth is to be protected. Now, more than ever, we are reminded of this. See with your heart and listen with your eyes. There are moments of clarity when the signs will scream out to you.


Determination is key. When obstacles appear, it’s best to push harder, instead of being afraid. What would Taurus do? She’d plant her hooves into the earth, flair her nostrils, rear her massive skull and then charge full steam ahead. But she’d do it wearing a Valentino gown, with perfectly curled hair and elegant makeup. I’ve never seen anyone stand in the way of a raging Taurus. It just doesn’t happen. You can do it, but you won’t survive!

This Fixed Earth Sign will get what she wants, every time. What she wants is stability, beauty and cultivation of a more pure Earth. What have you done for her lately? Taurus Full Moon needs to be admired and desired. Go outside, barefoot. Plant a root vegetable garden. Call upon your guardians in the Earthly realm, passed loved ones or your great-greats in your family tree. Practice Earthing. Call your favorite Sister Goddess and set up a time to create beautiful things.. Write poetry, music or paint something spectacular. Women are divine creators embodied in flesh. We are the divine feminine and Taurus+Moon calls us to honor ourselves more.


Mother Goddess of Earth, ruler of birth and giver of life, reminds us that in order to create the world we want, we must first value ourselves and others. That means helping people or animals that are less fortunate. Feed them, listen to them, love them. Cleaning up blighted lots in your area add Earthly bonus points. Community projects like painting over peeling paint or graffiti at the local park also counts. What do you believe in? Make efforts to cultivate those intentions.

An old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner.
Caught inside a strange predicament–you no longer belong to worlds you always dreamed into before, and you have only a light connection with worlds calling you forward from here. Caught in a time warp, being neither this nor that. It is a stark and merciless dilemma. Your heart is divided between memories and visions, sentiment and knowledge. Inside this quandary, something else is going on. You are distracted from all solid allegiances in order to overhaul your way of being, even while remaining stubbornly adamant and resistant. You get around your own paranoid system by subtle and subliminal means, eroding the ego base and bringing yourself through a humiliating stage. Make yourself ready for deeper challenges ahead by stripping away your self-importance; you who have leaned back hard on self-importance for your very identity, and who now must let go despite not wanting to at all.

Here I have generated the chart for the full moon. If you’ll notice the heavenly ruler of Taurus, Venus, is leading the way for the Sun in Scorpio. There’s quite a lot going on these days. Venus in Scorpio coupled with the Sun is being highlighted by this Full Moon. Let it go. Let it all go. It’s tough to live within and without, but we must.


It’s hard to exist sometimes, but we preserver. It’s difficult to always walk with right action, correct intention and honorable motives.. But still, we walk. We walk, and we walk.. Until we walk no more. The Earth beneath us and the Moon above us. We are sacred. We are holy. We are powerful.

Sun at SCORPIO 14
Women dressed in black. They are wailing and mourning.
Darkness, heaviness, sobriety, grimness. Grief for lost worlds. Dramatically cleansing what must be let go. Freeing the spirit. Laboriously and intensively preoccupied with endings, and captivated by the past, you are fascinated with the decomposition of things. Living deep in the unconscious, inside collective dramas. Lost to yourself. Thrown into patterns, syndromes, worlds that require drastic measures to transform. A feeling of being cursed. A sensibility of doom. A creation of the worst inside. The long established, deeply ingrained consciousness of stark limitation. Getting under it and destroying it the long hard way.

Venus at SCORPIO 17
The mountain abode of a hermit.
A stronghold for secrets, hidden purposes, and inward streams to thrive and prevail. You live several lives in one, harboring the brightest, the darkest, the strangest, and the most wondrous worlds. Accustomed to the shadows and to meditation, prayer, and extraordinary discipline. Remaining in here forever. Absolutely uninvolved with surface affairs, no outer life whatsoever. But inwardly deep, intense, and overwhelmingly driven. Following through on ancient vows. A grim, heavy, somber tone. The capacity for root transformation and extraordinary realization. Your central focus is to be with god in the silence steadfastly, and there is nothing else that comes even close to feeling all the way through, on and true.


This is the third and final call for letting go of the things which no longer serve you. We saw this theme occurring multiple times this year and I’ve mentioned it in previous posts. If you don’t let things go, they will be ripped from you. The spirit world can be patient, but it will not wait forever.

What are you here to do? What are you waiting for? Birthing a new world is upon us. Fear has no purpose. Only love will abide. Generate your world with creativity and gusto. Remember that we are already dead, we are already finished. We are simply going backwards in order to fine-tune ourselves. Thus, you have nothing to worry about. You’ve already been there, done that. So get after your highest intentions! They’re out there waiting for you!


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  1. reading this created so much emotion in me. thank you for your insight and wisdom and for sharing it with us! it was a total “sync” to stumble across your blog! your posts have given me much comfort and validation. i look forward to reading more!!

    thank you. ❤

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