Guide to Asteroids coming soon

My students have often asked me how to input Asteroids into the Extended Chart Selection window. They also ask me where that ECS window is.. and how to use it. So I’ve created a step by step page to Asteroid entry. Click here to see that page! I’m in the process of making more step by step guides to using as well. Is there something you’d like to learn about? Please let me know!

I’ve got a page of Asteroid codes coming. Until then- Here’s what I have so far:


1388 Aphrodite- The Roman version of Venus

3 Juno- Goddess of Soulmates, partnership and marriage.

4 Vesta

1 Ceres

105 Artemis

34 Circe


212 Medea- Mother of the Gods. She studied under the great sorcereris Hekate. The goddess of the Witch.

100 Hekate

307 Nike

103 Hera

52 Europa

5731 Zeus

69230 Hermes

399 Persephone

46 Hestia

1108 Demeter

2 Pallas

881 Athene

433 Eros

40 Harmonia- Brings harmony and peace

114 Cassandra- For teller of the future

1862 Apollo

55 Pandora- The first mortal woman.

80 Sappho

201 Penelope

1943 Anteros

2101 Adonis

108 Hecuba

3361 Orpheus

4450 Pan

16 Psyche

5 Astraea

10 Hygeia

875 Nymphe

3671 Dionysus

1036 Ganymede

74 Galatea

88 Thisbe

14871 Pyramus

78 Diana- Goddess of fertility and the Moon. Represented at Easter by the Rabbit. Tied in lore to the Babylonian Ishtar.

763 Cupido- Just like you thought, cupid is the evil baby who seeks to trick us into love.

2063 Bacchus- God of wine, lust and parties.

42 Isis
1923 Osiris

1170 Siva

4227 Kaali

2847 Parvati

1387 Kama

3989 Odin

2155 Wodan

77 Frigga

76 Freia

4484 Sif


7088 Ishtar


2060 Chiron

447 Valentine

1221 Amor

4386 Lust

3811 Karma

1585 Union

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