Juno in Leo: Equal Rights for All

Juno enters Leo this afternoon at 4:08pm CST. Juno is the wife of Jupiter. She echoes the themes of Venus but with a diplomatic and committal twist. Juno rules relationships and soul mates. She does not smile upon the abuse of her sisters. Nor does Juno tolerate anyone being downtrodden or denied their rights. So if you’ve been following the ever increasing women’s right’s issues in the media, you can expect them to get even more dramatic. So will other equality issues especially those concerning racist dumb fucks. Grandiose Leo, when coupled with Juno, promise everyone will get what they want… As long as they aren’t bigots! Juno knows that everyone is a star and deserves to be treated that way!

In addition to women’s rights we can expect some large leaps in progress regarding the rights of all people, including the LBGT community. Since Juno is rather slow moving we have 9 months to birth our ideals. The tasks or events which begin over the next few days will be especially significant. Juno quickly becomes enraged by inequality. Leo doesn’t sit idly by and allow important affairs of the heart to go unnoticed. The world is Leo’s stage and soon the long awaited play of Equality for All will be roaring through a city near you!! All types of human rights will reach independent levels of revolution and Re:LOVE.solution during this phase.


Juno is most known for governing partnerships. She longs for us to commit to our partner through marriage. If it’s currently illegal for you to marry your sweetheart I’d like to offer you some encouragement. I’m willing to wager than before Juno enters Virgo on July 1, 2015 all states will finally recognize LBGT marriage. As you may know, Leo is not a force to be toyed with. Leo gets what Leo wants. Leo’s visions are his power and Juno’s desires are her manifestations. The shift is about to hit the fan!

The downside of Juno in Leo will include feelings of bitterness, betrayal and denial. When static Leo can become jealous, possessive and even dogmatic. Juno in Leo will demand respect and attention. If you don’t give it to her then you should expect a fight. If you’re in an unhappily committed situation you may turn to infidelity as a way out. Keep your life balanced and honest. While Juno lends herself to affairs of the heart she does not lend herself to hurting others. Just be truthful.

If you’re in a relationship you can expect some changes. You may feel an unbearable desire to go out and have a great time. You’ll be craving more attention and love. You may pitch a fit if you’re feeling ignored. Don’t do it! Think about others first. How can you serve them? Love may be what’s missing from your life.. But Love comes from within. If you’re without perhaps you should start searching elsewhere? Cultivate a community of love within your own heart. Don’t settle for people who don’t love you like you deserve to be loved.


Leo, King of the Zodiac and Juno, Queen of the Goddesses are joining up to pump our hearts full of love. So if you’ve been feeling empty, alone or fearful just keep your head high. When life gets tough it’s because it’s getting better! Use the fiery air of Juno in Leo to catapult yourself into your wildest dreams. Honor Juno by being creative, engaging the elder women in your life and focusing on your romantic relationship(s).

Juno rules all archetypes of Women from child to crone. The month of June was named after Juno and it’s no coincidence that her stint in Leo ends June 30th, 2015. Many things will shift between now and then. Justice for women (and all genders) will hit a tipping point.

More people may polarize in their relationships: Some getting married, finally partnering up or even seperating for good. Having a child is especially favored during the time of Juno in Leo. Leo rules creativity, children and passion. Juno rules creativity, women and commitment. Having a child is an ultimate act of creation and commitment. It’s is highly auspicious during Juno in Leo.


If you’ve been hankering to re-vamp your relationship now is a good time to start. If you’ve been wanting to get pregnant this event favors your desires. If you want to learn to love again now is the moment to do so. If you’re in the LBGT community Juno in Leo is on your side.. and she’s not a force to be reckoned with! Juno does not negotiate. Juno wants equal rights for everyone and she won’t stop until she gets them.

As we enter into this era it’s important to continue the lessons of balance and love which Venus in Libra shows us. 

The Libra New Moon two weeks ago reminded us to pay attention to relationships. 

Finally Juno’s Husband, Jupiter, trined Uranus around the Libra New Moon.. Calling us to be ourselves and have faith for all good things will be here in due time. 

The Universe prepares us for shifts, trials and change. All we need to do is pay attention. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is out of our reach. With Mercury Retrograde hitting everyone hard right now it’s tough to keep smiling. We need to stick together. Relationships matter, people matter and Love matters! Above All: Hold onto your heart.


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