The Afternoon of an Astrologer

Yesterday I did two readings. I like to spend my afternoons, usually after two, doing readings. My favorite days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I find the energies of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus lend themselves well to the type of readings I like to create. I don’t charge a fee for what I do. I feel that I get much more out of many readings than money could ever offer. I appreciate it when someone offers their soul to me on a platter to dissect and present back to them. It’s nothing short of humbling and I’m eternally grateful.

The first reading I gave yesterday was a little over three hours. It was a discussion-based reading for someone who’s familiar with some past lives and able to pinpoint repetitive patterns. These types of banter-based sessions are my favorite. We uncovered many layers in his wheel- Which connected his web of existence even further. It was rewarding for both parties involved! We discussed Numerology, Syncing up and other similar topics. He told me I was The coolest Witch he’s ever met I and that I was the The Surgeon of Astrology. I was so flattered. The Surgeon? How’d he know I was a neuroscience nerd? Intuition. I love those moments.


Immediately after that session I switched gears into another meeting. I tuned a student into his Mercurial talents during a two hour reading/teaching session. His innate fear of Mercury retrograde was quickly dispelled when I told him his natal Mercury was in Retrograde as well. Why does that matter? Because when someone has a natal planet in retrograde it means they didn’t quite complete that lesson in their past life or lives. It’s a signal to focus attention on those planets, especially when they return retrograde.

 I gave him a lesson on using various degree-based symbols, numerology and the houses in predictive and past life readings. He was so excited and hit a new level of understanding with his own chart, life, existence and application of Astrology. I told him I was so excited for the day when he could read my chart for me!


Providing people with knowledge, confidence and the key to their own soul is not something to put a price tag on. Money ruins everything. It turns the Spiritual into the Material. It creates a falsity, a mask and it functions from shadow. Greed creates imbalance. Don’t ever let an expensive divination site fool you. Genuine readers don’t limit their services with a monetary figure.

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After reaching some milestones without ever using any videos I’ve decided to use them in some posts! I may even make some video based articles about Astrology. What do you want to learn more about? Let me know!

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