October Events

Welcome, October. Many of my students and clients ask me for a calendar of events each month. I’ve decided to start posting it for you all. Typically I use my monthly celestial event schedule to build content. As you can see the Mercury Retrograde article is already linked. I’ll be adding more into to the Mercury Rx event regarding it’s Venusian influence in Libra. It’s my hopes that by publishing monthly schedules my students will learn to do more forecasting on their own. If you need access to an Ephemeris I added one to the website several weeks ago. Just click here. 


October 4th: Mercury stations retrograde at 12:02pm in the 2nd Degree of Scorpio. 

October 6th: Vesta enters Sagittarius at 9:29 am

October 6th-10th: Draconids Minor Meteor Shower. Peaks the evening of October 8th and the Morning of the 9th.

October 7th: Juno enters Leo at 4:08 pm

October 7th: Uranus fully illuminated and opposing Pisces- Almost visible to the naked eye from Earth.

October 8th: Full Moon in Aries

Oct 8: Total Lunar Eclipse at 5:51am in the 15th Degree of Aries

October 10th: Mercury Rx crosses into the 29th degree of Libra at 12:26 pm

Oct 19th: Pallas enters into Scorpio at 8:10am

October 22nd-23rd: Orionids Meteor Shower; Generates from Orion constellation.

Oct 23: The Sun enters Scorpio at 6:57 am

Oct 23: Venus into Scorpio at 2:31 am

October 23rd: New Moon in Scorpio

Oct 23rd: Partial Solar Eclipse at 5:57 pm in Void/Zero Degree Scorpio

Oct 25th: Mercury stations direct at 2:17 pm

Oct 26th: Mars enters into Capricorn at 5:43 am

Oct 27: Ceres enters into Sagittarius at 5:05 pm

Times are CST 


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