Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October 4, 2014

It’s almost that time of year again! Mercury will be running backwards attempting to confuse everyone who is unprepared for his change in direction. I get more requests for readings and advice on Mercury Rx than any other cosmic topic. The only other more dreaded event is a Saturn Return. Since Saturn only returns every thirty years it’s safe to assume that Mercury Retrograde, with it’s thrice a year pattern, is the more widely abhorred event. Don’t wait until Mercury turns to get started with your preparations. Get going now, while it’s shadow grows stronger, and then rise to the occasion once it turns up to eleven!


Honestly I really like to give advice about Mercury Rx. It’s like showing someone how to use a deadly weapon in the proper manner and with the appropriate respect or attention. Mercury Retrograde should be seen as a free but slightly annoying Spiritual lesson or guide. Mercury isn’t trying to hurt us, he’s trying to help us. I know that’s the excuse used by domestic abusers, but in this case it’s true.

When I think about Mercury Rx I imagine it as a prescription for healing what’s dis-eased in our lives. What’s been going wrong the past few months? What are you hung up on? If it’s getting old you may need some help. Clearly you haven’t figured that shit out on your own if it’s still festering. You need a Mercurial intervention! Enter, your communication Guru. He’s just trying to help, really. So just let him!


This is the last Mercury Rx of the year. It’s occurring in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the surgeon of the Zodiac wheel. His prowess and power can be used to transmute, transfer, and transpire. Scorpio likes to dig deep with tiny sharp objects. It can prove uncomfortable at the least. If you’ve got something buried in a crevice of your psyche you can bet Scorpio is going to discover it! The Archetype of Scorpio is also associated with purging and finances. So expect some emotional and financial upsets. Power issues will be convoluted and called out. Egos will crumble. The prideful will fall. Scorpio does not fuck around.

A large stately bronze horse.
Pride. Stupendous and rigid pride. I am right. You have held tightly within reputation, stature, the highest standards, the way it should be. Revering the authority that is central. Vastly given over to schemes and dreams. Idiosyncratic and self-referential, immune to reflection. Driven from before. And always standing up for yourself forcefully, while inwardly self-betrayal oriented and doubtful. Political intrigue. Maintaining the appearance. You don’t know how to stop. Karmically transfixed by convictions, forces, factions and biased points of view that seem inevitable. Nothing ever changes, stuck with the same destiny-edge, deeply at the mercy of what has gone before. A link in a chain, strictly enforced.


It’s time to stop playing games. Stop pretending. Stop being critical of yourself and your life. Let go of your remaining ego traps. Give them over to the dark side. Accept that our perceived flaws are just character adornments. They are beautiful too. Thankfully Pluto ruler of Scorpio has just come out of Retrograde. So the plugged sink of Karma should start to flow more freely. What’s holding you back? Why are you still allowing it to do so? Anger, resentment and jealousy are all toxic emotions. They can never serve your highest purpose. Release them to the coattails of Mercury Rx. Racing thoughts? Try writing before you speak. Writing allows the mind to relax and assimilate. It’s also very helpful for Magick.

So when your computer locks up at work, don’t get angry, go for a walk instead. Stop to smell the roses at the market instead of hurrying home. Explore secret places you love. Visit a graveyard. Read a spooky book! Mercury Rx in Scorpio isn’t all bad- it’s also big hurrah to Halloween! So try to have some fun! The trickster of the Zodiac isn’t at all serious!

Gods and Beasts

How do you best prepare for Mercury’s illusionary about-face? Clean house, literally, clean your messy house. Symbolically this is also very cleansing to the spirit and energy of yourself and your life. Stagnation will not be tolerated! Sweep, dust, mop and give things away that are no longer needed. You can even re-arrange, clean our your fridge or clean out your closet. Save your next paycheck for a desperate rainy day. Expect to change your mind about something that’s been plaguing you. Stale arguments, feelings of isolation or hopelessness and sexual intimacy issues to come bubbling back up. Word vomit happens, so expect it by the bucket full. It’s safest to take everything thrown your way very lightly, with a big ole’ grain of Scorpion Salt! Scorpio doesn’t mean to sting, doesn’t mean to sound rude, doesn’t try to be overpowering.. He just is. Then again, may be he did want to be rude and overpowering while stinging you in the eye. You may never know!


Truthfully there’s nothing you can do to prevent Mercury’s mischief and Scorpion’s sting other than to be prepared. Much like a Hurricane bearing in on a pristine beach palace, so too Mercury will sweep in without remorse or mercy. Take heed, slow down, pay attention to the patterns in the beautiful web of life. Mercury calls us to pay closer attention. Do it! The best advice I can give is this, be brave, be very brave. Take calculated risks. Trust that you will be taken care of. If you act with honest intention, help others and always try your hardest there’s nothing or no one who can stop you!

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed. Terence McKenna


So here’s to the upcoming Mercury Retrograde! It’s not a time to be afraid, it’s a time to be prepared. Get ready to check yoself before you wreck yoself! Toss out everything you think you knew about Mercury Rx because this one is going to kick our asses. It’s okay to die to yourself for a little while. Scorpio can really kill us. The Tarot card The Hermit has much to teach us on this very subject. It’s fine to spend time alone as long as you’re mind-full and taking time to be intuitive. Don’t worry it’s over on October 25th.

Where is the 2nd degree of Scorpio in your natal chart? Whichever house it’s going to plague will give direct clues to where you should focus your attention! 

Xo- C


Crystals: Labradorite, Mookaite, Tigers Iron, Tektite. The energies and properties of Obsidian or Apache Tear blend seamlessly with this event- However they are powerful and should be used with caution- Especially by those in committed monogomous relationships.

Theme Song:

tumblr_mvwl7oV3Pf1rp10t9o1_500Bonus: Mercury is the ruler of Alchemy and Magick. He’s teaming up with Scorpio who is the ruler of the Occult, Taboo and unknown. Together these two Yang Powerhouses can teach us a lot about living an exuberant Magickal Life. Play your favorite Arcane games at the park. Give free palm readings to strangers. Share your Witchyness with the world. Hang out in the cemetery.. Like a goth teen clan with iPhones. Bust out your old Tarot cards, Ouija or Spirit board. Take a trip with your traveling altar. Bring your Magick to the park, a cemetery, a coffee shop or your other favorite public place. It may creep people out, but perhaps people should be creeped out! We’re here, we’re witchy, get used to it! It is after all, almost Halloween. ❤


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  1. Ha!!! I also just cleaned out my fridge today!

    Do you think that Mercury going retro. in Scorpio will have more of Plutonian vibe or Venusian Vibe since it will be retro. mostly in the sign of Libra? It’s interesting that this retrograde begins around the same degree that Ceres and Vesta went retro. a few months back.

    • Yes JStar the Vesta/Ceres retro was especially wild for many of my clients! I have a hunch that this will be wrapping up many things from that time.. But as we all know a spotlight on a touchy subject can be rather discomforting. Regarding the Plutonian/Venusian vibe I honestly think it depends on the individual and their natal chart.. and which house hovers over that cusp. I have a very powerful Libra/Scorpio cusp with both Saturn and Pluto in conjunction in the 12th house. I’m expecting this to be a really deep dive into some deep seeded Karmic issues dealing with both Archetypes of Venus and Pluto. What about you? What’s on your Libra/Scorpio cusp and which house does it effect?

  2. Aaahhh…. I shall prepare myself then! Thank you for this post. I am already going through a Saturn Return, in the ever so lovely Scorpio. So. I need to work with these energies as much as I can… it’s pretty tough. But there are quite a lot of things I am learning through this.

    Actually, I just cleaned out my fridge today, haha. I’m also trying to get rid of some major unhealthy things in my life. I wonder if this Mercury in Scorpio will help me with this…

      • Okay so I don’t know if it’s too late for me to reply to this… if it still matters.But!
        Ok I’m pretty new to this. My chart says “Saturn 2°14′ Я Scorpio, in House II” so I’m guessing 1 degree is somewhere…near…? Oh it also says “Pluto 28°29′ Я Libra, in House II” does this help any? :/

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