Jupiter Trine Uranus; Innovate your being

Jupiter is Trine Uranus! When two planets are in such an exact Trine they accentuate and embellish each other to the extreme. People often ask me if a Trine has a positive or negative implication. I prefer neither. A Trine is nothing but a spotlight which demands attention. While it’s typically considered a supporting influence it’s not difficult for some folks to make a mess of a Trine. Although yes, it’s a great aspect to learn from! But for many reasons I prefer to keep it neutral.

JupiteruranustrineThis powerful Jupiter + Uranus influence is sure to be different for everyone. Our minds may wander, we wax idealistic and feel let down when things don’t go our way. After all, Uranus is the sideways planet, so expecting your plans to meld with reality isn’t exactly in the cards. Jupiter the planet of expansion is also known for it’s wild and free spirit. The laissez faire approach to life is Jupiter’s M.O. A true wandering prophet, expanding the spirit and soul is Jupiter’s forte.

The two pump power punch of disruptive Uranus and soul searching Jupiter is sure to frazzle some delicate souls for the next couple of days. To achieve the best results from this aspect it’s a good idea to just let it go. Let everything go. Don’t get hung up on expectations, comments or disappointments. If you’ve been driving in a spiritual cul-de-sac this may be your exit cue. Take a note from the masters, re-read your favorite books, poetry and mystic secrets.

tnt24.info_Metropolis_1927_720p_BRRip_H264_Film_Niemy_Napisy_PL_.mid_2840__1243682Uranus wants us to be bold and be ourselves. It’s current location in fiery Aries is highly demanding. Aries says I AM and with great gusto promises just that. Stay tuned into the source of love. Uranus ruled people, those with strong 11th house or Aquarian influences in their natal chart, will especially vibe with this message. Be true to yourself. Offer no apologies for following your own path.

Obstacles come up to remind us how much we want something. Climb the mountain. Run the race. Do the damn thing! Don’t just march to the beat of your own drum.. Make the drum and play it yourself!

A man with pointed ears.
Super tuned in. The personification and embodiment of what it looks like, feels like, and is like to have an inside track on everything going on around you. Uncanny awareness. You have the gift of getting across new ways of being, different ways of looking at things. Somehow getting away with being so very different that it no longer matters. Hot-wired to wild and uncomfortable truths. You have special radar for undertones and nuances, motivations and signs of what is going on underneath. The direct front row seat upon who the other is and the challenges and opportunities the other brings before you, when you are ready and eager for the encounter and you know you can always find a way to move with absolutely anything that might arise. From Inside Degrees. 

2011_10_18Jupiter’s Trine to Uranus calls us to expand ourselves and connect to others. The recent new Moon in Libra also echoes the themes of connecting, relationships and balance. As mentioned, Aries calls us to know ourselves. Similarly Leo calls us to express that known self. Using the expressive powers of Uranus in Aries with Jupiter in Leo is very magickal. Leo’s motto is I WILL which is just another way to say Hear Me Roar. It perfectly complements the energies of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Here the location of Jupiter offers us some clues to our actions.

LEO 15
A woman with many different colored rings on her fingers.
To be quintessentially yourself in so many different directions is to be big, impressive, and very dramatic. Your individuality is blessed with innate gifts and treasures unlimited, an embarrassment of riches. The outward temptation is to play this up and use it up. The inward path is to develop it into ripe and mature full-on individual genius. However, it takes an advanced soul to be able to move steadily with such intoxicating qualities. And it takes the utmost in sincerity, simplicity, and core presence to just be there while having loads of outstanding, amazing attributes to show and share and give forth freely, with such royal stature and destiny.  From Inside Degrees. 

The Jupiter Archetype screams this same Leonine message of individual prowess and contentment. Shine brightly for who you truly are. We’re all pieces of the magnificent puzzle that is the universe. Image the sky without all of it’s stars. We are the stars!


The coattail of the Libra new moon coupled with this Trine reminds us: If our world is going to continue to get better we’ll have to unify as one, drop the front and open our hearts. 

Where are you right now? What are you focused most on? Is it serving your highest self? Most importantly, how are you helping others? Making the world a more beautiful place depends on us being our most beautiful self. Follow your passions. Embrace your excitement!

ehedthezUranus wants us to be weird! Get inspired and play People are Strange by The Doors. Write a song, read philosophy or get a new tattoo! Jupiter longs for us to explore. So go ahead, get lost in an unknown place. Read a book about a foreign place or language. Have a conversation with someone radically different from you. Learn and absorb the universal law of one. We are all people, after all. We have lots to learn from each other. We can be innovative by being examples. Just be honest. Just be yourself.


When Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio on October 4th we can take some time and reflect on what we’re creating. But until then, it’s best to push ahead willingly and sound in the knowledge of yourself. You are the answer. You hold the key. You alone are the creator of your life. Take a bow and then kick some ass!


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