Supermoon in Pisces

The super moon is in Pisces occurred on the 8th of this month. Although I’ve seen sites claiming it occurred as late as the 10th. Whichever, Pisces is dark and deep. Pisces rules the 12th house. It’s the last sign of the Zodiac wheel and is known as the sign of completion and hidden emotion. Things which are buried within the psyche are said to be tied to the 12th house. So during a Pisces full moon it’s important to do some “digging” in order to conjure the most powerful magick in your life.1392792_10201300430126870_200521632_nDust off your favorite divination tools or take a psychedelic trip and get to the root of yourself. Daydreaming is powerful as a manifestation tool. Salt water bathing or swimming is useful. Exploring the vastness of our existence and reading or listening to the works of visionaries like Allen Watts, Terrence McKenna, etc will really ‘hit home’ during this time. Spirituality is in the forefront.. Being alone is very important- especially for sensitive water people (scorpio and cancer too).

Telepathy, healing, and other water related psychic skills are brought to light. During the Pisces Moon many people work through turmoil or come from darkness into light. This point is what I call the dark before the dawn and can be used to make an evolutionary jump in consciousness. Neptune/Poseidon are the rulers of Pisces as well as Jupiter/Thor. Meditations related to these archetypes are sure to prove successful.

NeptuneImageSydney2012The polarity between Virgo and Pisces is very intense. Pisces is the last sign in the wheel- the 12th house- all very dark, deep, intense. A water sign, Pisces at it’s worst desires control and will use manipulation or any means necessary to attain said control. Pisces can also be distant or adrift I like to say Pisces casts people to be Lost at Sea.

Meanwhile, Virgo is on the far side of the wheel- the 6th house- represents sacred feminine and communication/ritual. So at her worst she can be critical, moody, and volatile. The full moon polarities bring out the goop in people. So since Pisces/Virgo is like the axis in which to draw out the cosmic slop.. it’s been a rough ride for us all.


Just try to look at it like beautiful chaos. Delve into Chaos Magick, a personal favorite of mine. Or listen to some Jazz- There’s nothing like Jazz to helps put things in perspective! I like Sun Ra, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie. Feeling drained? Use Copal to re-animate yourself when you feel zapped. Copal is the life giver of incenses. Meditation is important right now too.

Mars moves into Sagittarius tomorrow and there’s a triple fire “zap zone” coming… Plus Mercury Rx. Better get yo shit together NOW before it’s too late!!!!

Much love to you on this passing Pisces Full Moon. Apologies for the delay-

More information on Neptune:

More information on Jupiter:

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