The Sacred Feminine and 666

Triple six is the number of power, creation, and ritual. Typically regarded as the number of the beast, triple six has been perverted by Angle Saxon religious leadership. The Bible is nothing but a blasphemous retelling of paganism and sacred archetypal information created to control the masses with fear. Witchcraft is about love.

Magick is about the coven no matter how small or large. If you practice as a lone witch you will learn to hone your craft into a specific strength. If you work with others, you’ll learn to transmute the powers of all energies involved, using them for what you desire. Yet the solo witch learns to be this strong on her own. By the power of love alone.tumblr_nbf14nKquR1tkjezio5_500

Triple six is the number of the witch. In Numerology a triple key or triple number code amplifies the power of the numbers. The witches phrase three times three mote it be denotes the use of the number 3 in conjuring magick. Since six is related to ritual and feminine powers it serves to represent the magick of 2×3 which are both creation codes394 The number six rules the zodiac sign Virgo the virgin. Ruled by Mercury Alchemist and Communicator of all the gods, she is a powerful being. Her ability to create was taken away by the retelling of birth. We are born of Earth. We are made of stars. Virgo represents the archetype of Isis, mother of all creation. Mother of the stars. We are all sacred! The perversion of the number six needs to be rewritten. It’s up to us.



*If you are born on the 6th or 24th of the month you are a number 6 person. Most natural witches are a division of 6 or 3 or 2. These are the creator numbers. If the 24th or 6th degree placements especially for goddess asteroids touch frequently in your natal chart I’d encourage you to explore those archetypes*

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