Hecate: Goddess of Magick and Witchcraft

Hecate is the Goddess of Magick and Witchcraft. Her Astrology number is 100. Wherever she is located in your natal chart will imply your strongest Magickal gifts. Her ties to the underworld and dark moon makes her truly powerful.

To disrespect her will lead to ultimate undoing.

Where is Hectate in your chart? Plug Asteroid number 100 into your chart! Or- Ask me to do it for you!

Tap into her endless power! Blessed be.


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  1. Hello Rick! Thanks for sharing. I’d imagine with Hecate in Gemini you tend to seek out and devour massive amounts of information about Magick, Witchcraft, Astrology and other esoteric arts. You’re also very likely to be a skilled communicator on such subjects. Since Gemini rules the hands you are probably very good at hands on healing (reiki, crystal healing). You are also going to be highly skilled at magick using wants or hand gestures (classic magick of the Merlin type here). I would guess you have visions of the future (past present all the same). If you aren’t a writer, you should be! Feather and fire magick are your thing. You likely have the ability to curse others by gestures or pointing. Your mind rules your magick. You have the ability to transmute air which can blow others over πŸ˜‰ There is a youthful and childlike zest for life and magick. Because to you, magick is life. There is no living without it. Everything is magick.. trees, the wind, the birds in the air.. all of it. You have many gifts involving mind reading and telepathy. Your light is bright and you may attract may enemies because of this. This 3rd house duality may send you oscillating between private and public face with your craft. But you do so enjoy sharing it with those who are onboard. Higher and higher you’ll soar- and no one can stop you! The golden eagle is the totem that come to mind.

    Gemini 9
    Wild flowers growing around the ruins of a temple.
    Catching a second wind. Taking a booster rocket from one cycle to another, one lifetime to another, one whole stage in evolution to another. Shot out of a cannon to discover the next great thing, you are wildly attentive to signs and portents, looking for a way to the future. Coming out of immense soul experience. With flying colors, leaping forth into the new. Enthusiastic, naive, and impressionable. Eager for a thousand universes to come true. You feel that ultimate springtime quality of fresh immediacy and windblown alacrity, just sensing all through body and soul the possibilities, the openings, what wants to happen next. A destiny-bearer–universal in spirit, and in the right place at the right time for remarkable synchronicities and huge turnarounds. (from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale)

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