Venus in Leo 8.12.14

Venus moved into the fiery sign of Leo this morning. This is an exciting time to be in love and be creative! Leo rules children, creativity, romance, and the spotlight. So with Venus moving into Leo today, romance, children, and beauty will be at the forefront for the next few weeks. Not in love with anyone right now? It’s fine! Simply fall in love with your life!

From today through September 6th, while Venus is in Leo, it’s a perfect time to start a new and exciting love affair or rekindle and old flame. But be aware, this impression doesn’t lend itself well to long-term partnerships. The fiery Leo energy may fizzle out once Venus enters Virgo. Activities like going on exciting or fancy dates and having wild passionate sex afterwards are in high demand!

If you’re happily coupled, it’s a good time to re-fuel your fires of intimacy. If your sex life has seemed somewhat MIA the past few years, this transit will remind you what attracted you to your partner in the first place. If you have children it’s a particularly good aspect in which to instill the love of poetry, art, and music in them. Taking classes in drama, floral arrangement, gardening, or painting is a great way to meet like-minded people with a heart for beauty and drama.

The magickal arts are benefitted from this aspect. Venus is the ruler of ritual, rites, and witchery. The divine feminine is coupling with the masculine Sun. Let this morning star start your days with love and gratitude. Engaging in the practice of morning ritual is especially powerful now for co-creating the life and world you desire. There’s nothing happier than a grateful Leo in love; and there’s no better goddess than Venus to bring out the love in all of us. Let the arms of Venus carry you into your wildest dreams!

Venus also rules our friendships and business partnerships. It’s an excellent time to show your appreciation for the people you care about most. If you’ve been toiling away with work, and you haven’t told your friends or co-workers you care lately, this is the time to do it! Venus in Leo additionally favors exhuberant communication, PR, and nurturing the exquisite nature of our lives.

Pitfalls of this event will be centric to delusional glamour. Ego traps revolving around materialism, selfish thought patterns, and snobbery will come to light. This is especially true since Mars and Saturn are currently both in Scorpio. It’s okay to be sophisticated without going to extremes of selfish excess!

Do you have natal Venus in Leo? Expect your light to shine oh-so brightly! Over the top communication is highlighted during this phase. Be careful not to burn anyone with Leo’s spontaneous combustion skills! Ouch! You will be very alluring and appealing to the eye during this time. This applies for everyone, but especially those with Natal Venus in Leo. Venus bring out our sensual side! Rawr!!! 

Be sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy plant-based foods. Venus is linked to the stomach and Leo the heart. If you want to claim the strength of 10,000 lions the best way to start is on your plate. Going vegetarian, at least for the next month, will bestow favorability to your Karmic orbit.

Xo- C


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