The Dog Days are Over

July 3 through August 11 beckons the rising of the dog star, Sirius. The dog days are over my friends. Now the real heat is here!

From Constellation of Words: According to Ptolemy it (Sirius) is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars and, to Alvidas, of the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. It gives honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians. It also gives danger of dog bites, and two examples of this effect will be found under Procyon. [Robson*, p.208.]

Well connected, it promises fame, honors and riches. On the Ascendant and with Mars combined, Sirius can be quite dangerous, pushing ahead with too much ambition is then seen, resulting in dangers by injuries or attempts on the native’s life. According to tradition, Sirius will give a famous death with honors beyond the grave, if positioned in the 8th house. In good aspect with Mars and Jupiter and close to the MC, promise is given of gaining extensive wealth, a lucky hand in commercial enterprise or matters of government. This star so placed is most excellent for military, lawyers and civil servants. Sirius in conjunction with the Sun and well placed in the chart will be found to be the case with numerous important and famous personalities. Possibly, the rise in station is made possible by protection from people of influence. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.38.]

Regarded as a harbinger of fame. [Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology].

If culminating: High office under Government giving great profit and reputation. [Robson*, p.208.]

With Sun: Success in business, occupation connected with metals or other martial affairs, domestic harmony. If rising or culminating, kingly preferment. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Moon: Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business. If a malefic be with Scheat, death by fiery cutting weapons or from beasts. If Saturn be with the Moon, death by wild beasts or soldiers. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Mercury: Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church, physical defect through accident. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Venus: Ease, comfort and luxury, extravagant, gain by inheritance. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Mars: Courageous, generous, military preferment, work in connection with metals. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Jupiter: Business success, journeys, help from relatives, ecclesiastical preferment. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Saturn: Steady, reserved, diplomatic, just, persevering, high position through friends, favorable for home, gifts and legacies, domestic harmony. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Uranus: Gain and prominence in Uranian matters, help from influential friends, gain through harmonious marriage, especially if male, sudden death. [Robson*, p.209.]

With Neptune: Intuitional, occult interests, religious, good organizing ability, success in mercantile pursuits, banks or corporations, many influential friends, favorable for gain and domestic matters, natural death. [Robson*, p.209.]


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