What not to say to each Moon sign

Here on AstroSync I post a lot of complex information. My students say they struggle to understand. I have no intention to waver in challenging my students or my readers. However I would like to offer this lighthearted take on Moon signs.

The Moon rules our inner self. It’s our ‘gut reaction’ to most situations. So, when you are put off by someone, it’s often your moon sign that determines the way you feel. Here’s what not to say to someone based on their moon sign!

Aries- Stop!

Taurus- Do it this way!

Gemini- You’re stupid.

Cancer- I don’t care how you’re feeling.

Leo- Nobody wants to talk to you.

Virgo- I’m a hoarder.

Libra- Let’s go to an open forum debate.

Scorpio- I’m celibate.

Sagittarius- You can’t do that.

Capricorn- Scientific research is bullshit.

Aquarius- You’re ideas are terrible!

Pisces- Who cares about that anyway?!

What do you think? What’s your Moon sign and what really sets you off?



What do you think?

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