July! July!

Oh how sweet it is that Mercury stationed direct today! It’s been a tough ride so far this year. I definitely thought the horse year would be more manageable. I expected parties, promotions, and pretty things. However what I’ve remembered is that everything worth having is worth fighting for. The struggle, the effort, the pain.. It’s always worth it. So if you’ve been experiencing a cactus back pony ride until this point, let’s breath out collectively. Outward- it’s getting better.


We’re almost 1/2 through with the lunar year. The horse is now running at a full gallop. Surges of energy sail through and back out. If you grab ahold you can hitch a ride. But a free ride comes at a price. The horse does not honor lies, deceit, or thievery. With Chrion, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn all still in Retrograde the difficulty is far from over. However there are several exciting things happening in July! So if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. There’s no reason to wallow in your misery any longer.


Soon Saturn will station direct allowing us to claim our hard earned prizes. If you’ve been killing yourself over a project you will be promptly rewarded. So while life has been rough lately, do not fret, things will improve.


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