Naming the Foster

Everything by it’s right name. This is one of my favorite mantras. I hummed it all week. On Thursday I had a hunch that a guest was coming on Saturday. I got an email promptly thereafter regarding a foster pup who needed special care. She’d been hit by a car and left to suffer by the road. A passerby called the shelter and she was picked up after hours (at night) and brought in for medical treatment. She has a broken pelvis and lots of emotional bruises. I have a hunch that she was inside as a puppy but later abandoned on the street.

Her birthday is February 10th, 2013. The starting point was based on her age estimate. I used my dependable copper pendulum to determine the details. In order to best aid her recovery I had a glance at her natal (birth) chart.


This girl’s numbers are 66, 11, and lucky number 7. Her story of abandon and accident is tragic. But her recovery will be inspirational and life changing. Strangely, she has no dominant or exalted planets. This is one balanced little guru.

Saturn is the Vedic ruler of Aquarius and deals out adversity. The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, who deals with sudden change or upset. The pups sun and moon are in the 2nd house which rules family ties, security, and beauty. She’s learning her own way. By experiencing sudden change she’s leveling up on her karmic credit score.


Her rising sign, at 5 Capricorn calls no major occurrences. In the natal chart, the Ascendant progresses or takes a one degree “step forward” each year. At 1 year old her Ascendant progressed to the 6th degree of Capricorn. However mundane her natal placement is, the progressed 6 Capricorn Ascendant indicates there may be possible (accident resulting in) physical disability. Capricorn rules the skeletal farm of the body.

Sun at 21 Aquarius- This degree bestows a tendency to misfortune. The misfortune does not imply negative outcome, rather it suggests the ability to change for the better. The change may come ‘electrically’ and ‘suddenly’ as the planets Uranus and Saturn demand.

Saturn 10th house at 11 Scorpio conjunct star Alphecca- This star makes one artistic especially in poetic language. There is a very strong healing ability. Scorpio rules the pelvis and Saturn as aforementioned the bones. The 10th house is ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, making this generational placement notable regarding her injury. Yet the 11 degree conjunction to such a healing star lends great fortune to this little pup.


Moon at 23 Aquarius- Conjunct the star Deneb Algedi a star in the Sea Goats tail. Life is full of changes. Living on the fringe or on the edge. Trustworthy, just, and fair with a knowledge of human nature. Great difficulties in everything, success after patient plodding but final loss of position. Learning to love through different eyes. The incarnation of dog perfectly suited her contracts.

According to Constellation of Words: With Deneb Algedi and Gamma Nashira (In the tail of the Sea Goat)  The “Fortunate One” or the “Bringer of Good Tidings” is the translated name from the Arabic. As sync would have it I was heavily Googling names which meant “Fortunate one” or dealt with lucky omens and the unconquered soul. The 10th Tarot Trump card The Wheel of Fortune is applicable in both numerology and theme. As her wheel continues and her hip heals she’ll reach further into her own quintessential self.

According to Ptolemy; Deneb Algedi embodies the nature of Saturn and Jupiter … It is said to cause beneficence and destructiveness … sorrow and happiness … life and death… Saturn governs restructuring while Jupiter rules expansion into the unknown. It’s all about the ride you’re on.


She’s been with us for about 8 hours now. She’s had two Reiki sessions and some crystal therapy. With an Aquarius Sun and Moon she benefits from “alternative” therapies which involve energetics and connection to another being. She’ll adapt best in a home with lots of socialization activities like park walks and doggie vacations. She will thrive psychologically by meeting new people, ever so briefly, on a regular basis.

The more I continue look at her chart the more I’ll understand about her. The more I understand the more I can help her. Then the right person will come and adopt her and give her the life she requires. Until then I will help her in her fortunate journey. I’ll let you know when she has a name.


Post Script: Notably she was born on a New Moon (Capricorn) and also hurt the week of a New Moon (Cancer). The intense opposition of Cancer and Capricorn lunar energy influencing her likely triggered the accident. The New Moon dives deep into our psyche.. Demanding that we face our darkside. Karmic contracts are carried out by everyone, human and non human people alike. We all have work to do.. So be nice to everyone you can. ❤ Don’t forget to hug your puppies ❤

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