Moon Void of Course in Scorpio

The Moon is void it’s course in Scorpio today until 11pm CST. You may feel like you are totally detached from the world at large. The void moon is a good time to focus on Spiritual activities and does not lend itself well to practical issues. It’s warning label would read “Caution: Dizziness, confusion, and poor decision making may occur”. Pay attention to the signs that pop up and follow your intuition to the fullest.

Scorpio is the Moon of strong emotional intensity. If you’ve been wanting to fix something in your life which is broken- Today is your day. If the brokenness stems from lies, control issues, or someone else’s money.. then now is especially the time to act! Poisons are a real danger; both literal and energetic. Relationships you start at this time may be the best 3 day sex-binge ever.. but are not recommended for long term enjoyment.

This morning I came across 4 friends who are stepping back from social media for an extended time. This need to keep their life a ‘secret’ or perhaps to focus intensely on something else is an excellent example of ending bad projects. Addictive behaviors are especially in the spotlight at this time. If you have been wanting to quit a person/substance/thought process now is your moment.

The void Scorpio Moon lends itself well to halting anything you’d deem toxic to your life. So while today is a terrible day to start a new project, it is a good day to end a bad one. Expect delays and embrace the sync that spontaneity can bring to your life. See today as a practice round for adjusting to Mercury and Neptune turning retrograde. Welcome to the flow! Now let go!!!




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