Mercury Rx June 7, 2014

Mercury stationed retrograde today and will continue to teach us lessons of reproach until July 1st. While this time is almost always a huge dread, even for the non Astrology folks, there’s no reason for all that. Mercury Rx is here to lend us a message of reanalyzation and renewal. Whatever you were digesting in February, it’s time to finish. No room for worry, fear, or freak outs. That is in the past. The time now is for fixing your wounded spirit. It’s time to come back from the dead. Pluto in Capricorn has been kicking our ass! It’s time to slow down a moment. Relinquish your control issues and revive yourself and embrace renewal! (See how the RE always goes with the RX!?)

27-alchemy-illustration-science-sourceCurrent Mercury Stationing Rx Sabian Symbol 23&24 deg Gemini:

Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree

Spirit Totem: Blue Jay

Inspiration: Maya Angelou- IAM/Communicator/Healer/Empowerment of the Underdog

GEMINI 24: A nude man with a tail.
Instincts fill the screen of awareness with instantaneous reverberations. You are ready to pick up on whatever comes through magnificently. The skill, the virtuosity is dazzling. Nothing is impossible. There is a space open for worlds to connect. Flooded with impressions. Ecstatic with what you can do. Spilling over into infinity. Showing what we all can do, and insisting that it is simple. The greatest of gifts freely manifesting; no strings attached. The future opens and the light streams through. The body knows. Direct sensing–multidimensional and straight on. (From Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols By: Ellias Lonsdale)


Mercury will be sweeping the entirety of Punarvasu during it’s retrograde phase. Punarvasu is called “the star of renewal.” This Lunar Mansion combines the energies of Jupiter (currently in Cancer), Mercury (turning towards Cancer, ruler of it’s current sign Gemini) and the Moon (Ruler of Cancer). It represents the purification of self and return of the light (Jupiter Archetype). Its symbol is the bow and arrow (Jupiter Archetype). Its presiding deity is the Mother Goddess Aditi, who tends the ground on which healthy seeds can eventually bear fruit.

Aditi is the mother of all gods. She represents cosmic expanse, much like Jupiter.

Spirit Totem: Fox

Inspired Action: Singing/Dancing/Laughing at limitations


We have all been baby birds this year. Struggling to break free from our nest of perceived limitations and fly high. The Blue Jay coloring represents the connection between heaven (white) and earth (black) through mystic spirit connection (blue). This spiritual connection empowers us to achieve our full potential- Instead of being hesitant we act with pride and direction. Instead of feeling fearful- We feel the freedom of manifesting our desires. Our dreams are shot to the forefront (Jupiter in Cancer/Neptune Rx) and the way we communicate ourselves to the world is coming into question (Mercury Rx). Who are we? What are we doing? Where are we going? These are questions on the front of our minds. Should we laugh and dance to the beat of our own drum? Yes, we very much should! Should we take time to not only smell the flowers.. But appreciate and photograph them as well? Yep. It’s time to realize you are powerful! There’s no need to rush your success. It’s already here. It’s waiting for you to grab hold! Shake your tail at the challenges life brings you. Nothing can stop you now!! 


Bonus! The fixed star Alnilam located at 23 degrees of Gemini bestows (fleeting) honors, especially when in conjunction with the midheaven (MC- Dealing with work/career especially) This star is located in the famous belt of Orion. Alnilam, this center star in the belt, means “a belt of pearls”.


Alnilam with Mercury: hasty, quick temper, quarrels with associates, domestic disharmony through actions, troubles through writings and opposite sex. Legend: The giant Orion was created out of an ox-hide by the Gods, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury, at the request of Hyreus who had entertained them. He was blinded by Oenopion (the name means “wine-faced”) for having raped Merope, Oenopion’s daughter, but recovered his sight by exposing his eyes to the rising sun (#Sungazing!). In consequence of his boast that he could slay any beast bred upon the earth the scorpion (Scorpius) was brought forth and Orion died from its sting. [From Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].

Mercury is literally turning Rx on it’s battlestar (nerds unite!) This “battle with the Scorpion” (Scorpio, currently Rx in Capricorn) is syncing up with it’s Neptunian roots to usher in it’s own Retrograde launch. Jupiter is currently located at 21 Cancer, not too far from Mercury’s current location. This trio of Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury guides us to reach our full spiritual potential. Key words like Success, Expansion, Teaching/Learning, and Subconscious come to mind. We are strongly urged to fulfill our dreams and take special time to nurture ourselves. Where are we spiritually broken? What can we do to fix it? Often the quickest fix is a literal energetic shift- The fastest route to that shift may easily be your everyday language. Are you an optimist? Or do you call your says “Shit” and often say  things “FML”? Be careful of the language you choose to use. Words are powerful, that’s why it’s called SPELLING!


Mercury Rx finishes on July 1 at Cancer 3:

Sabian Symbol: Through the cold darkening depths of a Northern canyon a man all bundled up in furs leads a shaggy reindeer.

Spirit Totem: Wolf; Buffalo.

Pushya rules 3 Degrees Cancer is considered the most auspicious of the Lunar Mansions for spiritual maturity. Its ruling deity is Prihaspati, the Lord of sacred speech and prayer. Its symbol is a cow’s udder. Its meaning is “to provide nourishment.” It combines the energies of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Pushya increases our positive effort and good karma through hard work and discipline. 

CANCER 3 : A set of surgical instruments. A self-schooling in using the mind appropriately. You are learning how to dump overboard all preconceptions, all belief systems, every opinion based on previous experience. You are discovering how to think and act from a disinterested, steady, and cool vantage point. And you are one-pointedly intent upon grasping the central message that what you weigh down by negative bias, by apprehension, and by dark conviction comes back to haunt you a thousandfold; while what you set free, by precise and accurate read-outs and follow through, becomes such a blessing that you swim in it forever. By witnessing exhaustively just how negative intent and affirmative intent work, intelligence is refined to the utmost, and the approach taken is optimized quintessentially and exquisitely. (From Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols By: Ellias Lonsdale)


There’s been a huge movement lately using positive vs negative intentions, declarations, and thoughts. I have many clients who are currently reprogramming the way they express their world and their inner thoughts. It’s very important to claim your power and never cut your self in half. By saying “I Cannot” you guarantee your message is failure. By expressing “I will prevail” we claim our victory as co-creators of our lives and this world! Don’t let guilt lead you to feel that this action is selfish. It is very unselfish. Loving yourself is one of the boldest acts you can engage in! Brush those haters off, because come July 1st you will be fine tuned in the art of manifesting your dreams! Again, casting negative spells upon your day with everyday language is especially dangerous at this time! Don’t give in!! Always put a positive spin on your life. When you get that positive wheel spinning, there are few ‘negative’ occurrences which could occur without leading you to a pile of riches! Give some faith, get a mansion! Trust yourself already!! 




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