Leveling Up

I took the month of May off from writing. There are lots of lingering issues from the last Mercury Rx. As the next Mercury Rx quickly approaches, those issues are returning to vamp me to death. Like many people, I’ve been feeling the misery enacted by Pluto Rx in Capricorn. In that mess of a mix is Saturn Rx in Scorpio. They’re out to get us!!


These two are no joke. Saturn will shove you down, teeth first. Pluto drags you under kicking and screaming! While you dream of your perfect Summer beach vacation life has other plans. Perhaps you’ll get a blistering sunburn on day one and then wait around to die the rest of the week! That’s Pluto’s promise to you!


If you’ve been screaming “Pluto has really got me down and I’m dying to try again” then perhaps it’s time to do so. Rrestructuring your entire life seldom comes through a gentle guidance. You’ll be brought to your knees first! That’s Saturn doing his dirty work at the end of his Rx cycle in Scorpio. These two planets. and their respective archetypes, are both highly dominant in my chart. When they’re in Rx I’m forced to reanalyze and rewind in very painful ways. The Pluto in Scorpio Generation is likely about to press fast forward on their evolutionary climb as well.

credit to skeletor is love via Facebook

With so many successful new beginnings falling just beyond reach it’s easy to be blinded by the Gemini Sun’s multidimensional double vision. Standing in the present, although challenging, we are still pressing forward for the prize. It’s as if living in two worlds isn’t enough. We can live in 100 or more at once. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting. It’s okay to take time for yourself! Laughing is very important right now. It may seem silly, but it can change the cells in your body rapidly! Gemini Sun loves a good laugh. Try to watch some stand-up comedy- I’ve been watching everything Netflix has to offer me! In addition I purchased a small notebook to write jokes and funny ideas down in. Double score.


The New Moon in Gemini just a few days ago pushes us to call out insincere communication and ignorant ideals. This doesn’t just apply to others, it also applies to us personally. What false advertisements do we air with disingenuous motivations? What to we keep our mouth shut about? Do you feel passionately about supporting or defending a cause? Get to it! Surely our collective and energetically stressed wounds have felt the pressure of this autoclave lately! The pain has left the wound numb. Not honoring Saturn with regular crafting or alone time is detrimental to energetic health.


But I thought this year would be easier! The Horse year comes full of amazing parties and invitations. When I wrote the article I stated to choose quality over quantity. I’m so tired of parties and it’s only 4 months into the Lunar year! I thought the fire horse year would be a little more lucky for me. But I fear the fire is raging on. I didn’t expect Pluto to rear it’s ugly head like it has! Saturn Rx has gotten more difficult.. and Now Mercury Rx is approaching.


Things easier when I remind myself that when life gets harder I’m just leveling up. I haven’t felt such a huge challenge since the Oct-Dec shift of 2012. At that time I definitely went through far less severe tests to graduate onto the next set of challenges. Leveling up is tough! It’s hard to keep going sometimes, but by honoring the planets plaguing us, we can arrive with less scars.







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