Bitchcraft: The Pluto in Scorpio Witch Revolution

Lately I’ve been offering Witch Readings as an Astrology chart option to a few long term clients. I’m still practicing with this this interpretation of the natal chart. Just like looking through new glasses, my eyes need time to adjust to the lens. There were so many 20somethings who freaked out over American Horror Story: Coven. They’d get dressed in black on Wednesdays and proudly proclaim it through social media. About 5.54 million viewers tuned in weekly. That’s 3.87% of the country’s 18-49-year-olds. The viewers were entirely Millennials and their parents; The Pluto in Libra generation who can’t make their minds up about anything.


Pluto in Scorpio, aka The Millennials, make my heart soar! I wrote an article in their honor. These 18-29 turning 30 year olds don’t care what you think. They want to be themselves. Themselves is dark and deep. If we were to analyze the ages of each young witch attending Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, we’d find that all of them have natal Pluto in Scorpio. This like-meets-like magnetism generated a huge fan base. The whopping success of this show was largely due to a specific target audience (18-30) whom had natal Pluto in Scorpio. Did FX producers use an Astrologer? Or rather, is it just so obvious that age range would swoon over Witchcraft? They sport 666 like my generation sported flannel!


Scorpio loves to be attached, to anything, and possess it. The viewers were engrossed, via Pluto, into this show about Majick. 


This fan-driven passion has spurred a mini pop-revolution with all-black clothing, wide brimmed hats, and witchcraft. As-if the generation needed another reason to dress arcanely. Black nail polish sales are at an all time high! This show has given everyone some awesome fashion ideas. Sexy witch, sophisticated witch, boho witch, preppy witch, casual witch, swamp witch, voodoo witch.. Pick your icon! Assuming a majority of the audience were feminine, we can speculate that the energy rising from this is dark, powerful, and creation oriented. Cue the Goddess Astroid list!

c588ea12b904059f078ef84e1c58678fTelevision reprograms the mind and will shift your reality into it’s specific vortex-like patterns. Sometimes that can turn out as a positive cultural wave! Plus the show was based on some true history in New Orleans and filmed here. So I got to spy on them around town!* I even saw Jessica Lange at Whole Foods!


Also when the witch queen put us under her spell at Voodoo fest last year, I screamed “Witch Mother” the entire show. I’m referring of course to Stevie Nicks. That was before her appearance on AHS. I almost fainted when she preformed on the piano at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. But I honestly expected her to pop in.


These ladies are the icons of a the Pluto Scorpio generation. I’ve waited for the fad to fade and it hasn’t.

Witchcraft is rising from the dark ages.. again. Blessed be!

With Infinite Love -C

I’ll be posting a “how-to” decipher the witch chart soon.












*Here’s a picture of myself in front of the gate at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. I love my city.





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  1. Well I’m a ScorpioAscendant 😏 and Pluto in 12th house conjunct Ascendant 👏 I know I’m a witch haha so many people are scared of me

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