The Full Libra Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, and Cardinal Cross

There is so much buzz surrounding tonights full Libra moon + total eclipse combination! I wasn’t even going to post about it because there was such an onslaught of information out there. I’ve already covered the Mercury Uranus Conjunction in previous articles.

I intended to leave this triple hitter to everyone else. You know, all the other many thousands of Astrologers with a Facebook page, Twitter, and blog online. It kept coming up so much in fact, that I’ve caved. Because even people who never talk about the stars are giving shoutouts to “The Blood Moon” on their social media. So here we go..


First of all, I’m sorry. The world is not ending, as some suggest. Although, after last nights Game of Thrones episode, it’s a better place. But alas, nothing totally crazy is going to happen. There is no surprise prequel to the Twilight novels being released tomorrow at midnight. Aliens likely will not choose now to come in drones. Also, werwolves aren’t coming to breakfast in the morning. You may want to freeze the extra maple sausage you bought.

Full moons happen every month, sometimes twice a month. This isn’t a doom and gloom moment. I admit that Eclipse of the Blood Moon sounds like a great low budget horror flick. But the Blood Moon is also called the Pink Moon or the Egg Moon. Add them together in a Moon-burrito. All I can think about is the female reproductive system! (which Scorpio/Pluto/Mars governs)


Hence, this is a beautiful opportunity to co-create together on the cosmic level. We are being re-born into a new nature of existence if we choose to accept the mission. The Full Eclipsed Moon in Libra lends herself well to this balancing act. Venus, located directly across her horizon, is still conjunct with Neptune in it’s home sign of Pisces. Venus and Libra are drawn together. Their magnetism lingers, across this horizon, and pulls the opposing desires together as one. Let go of your perceived control. You have no grasp or grip. Release. Sweet, kind, loving, release.

Chiron, teacher and wounded healer, is additionally located within the realm of Pisces. Chiron calls us to look into the deepest and darkest realms of our spiritual love for self and others. It’s opposition to Jupiter in Cancer reminds us to practice compassion while nurturing the inner self. Read more about Neptune conjunct Venus in order to fully nurture yourself. 

What are you dreaming of? What is your highest excitement? Follow the lead of Neptune, Venus, and Chiron in Pisces.

B 17725

The Pluto square in Capricorn reveals structure flaws and arcane secrets. Pluto in Capricorn single-handedly put the ‘harsh’ in this weeks attitude towards aspects. Pluto in Capricorn is simply a call to order. Follow his lead and resurrect yourself from suffocating struggles. Find yourself free from financial woes, lagging projects, and draining relationships. Make sure you only ask for what you can currently handle. Things will quickly unfold. If you fight the pull for clearing the dead, expect to be drawn further into the deep. Finances, dark intentions, and power struggles are at a head. Be wise with your words. Mercury Rx will remember come the beginning of June.


The Sun, Uranus, and Mercury opposition to the Libra Moon, Mars, and North Node intensifies. The balancing act and energy surge sky-high. Pluto squaring these aspects makes everything a little more challenging. Choose shame or revelation. Be the saint or the sinner. You cannot remain within any gray area any longer. If you condemn others you cannot claim love. If you use shame or guilt to  manipulate, it’s time to let go. There is a powerful duality available to everyone. Be genuine and you will succeed.

Open your eyes to the horizons ahead. Tap into your honest intuitive desires. Listen to yourself. The moon in Libra lends itself directly to balance within relationships. It doesn’t have to be your romantic partner(s). Rather, a balance between the masculine and feminine ideas; Between ego and inner self. The close proximity of Mars to Earth and the Moon suggests a heightened intensity. Don’t let the fire get out of control. The North Node shows us that applying lessons-learned can jolt a huge leap in evolution. The opposition of Sun in Aries with Uranus conjunct Mercury is directly related to social relationships and it’s opposing Libra full Moon Eclipse will prove direct communication is the best route for resolution.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.27.45 PM

Intuitive Ritual/6th house: Last moon-cycle I spent entire weekends de-cluttering.. AKA Virgo-style ninja-attacking my house. Since then, I’ve noticed a distinct breakthrough in how I manifest getting exactly what I want. With the clutter removed, I can see clearly. There is no longer question. There is only action. During March I touched on giving away excess for manifesting fortune. Now it feels like the wave is riding back to the shore. Holler at your Feng Shui! I love clean spaces. Floors, especially.


This magic-heavy + experimental period has proven critical to larger projects. Spring is a time of planting and reaping. Sowing those spells intended for Fall, while harvesting rewards invested in Autumn. Those intentions are all on the verge of fruition. Still, those yet to come are aching to be planted. 

The current grand cardinal cross is stirring a rise, especially in within the Pluto in Scorpio generation. The Libra full Moon + total lunar eclipse is calling for a restoration to balance and relationship. Events set into motion during October 2012 and pushed fully into action during July 2013 are resurfacing for air. Take a huge gasp!! It’s been really tough lately! Consider this a check-in for your active action and intention. These concurrent issues will resurface for a final round of completion during January 2015.




What do you think?

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