Pluto Retrograde

Pluto turned Retrograde today. Do you know how long that takes? As long as it takes you to change your mind! ah-ha! Quite some time!
Pluto may be tiny, but it’s also really far away. The effect on this cold underworld turning Rx can be hazardous to your happiness. Much like seasonal affective disorder, Pluto can turn your foolish smile upside down. It will drag you through your own hell-and-back before knocking you out. the_rain_man_by_katjafaith-d3kg3ll

  Thankfully, Pluto retrograde is also a time to ask:  What is it that I want? What passions aren’t taking precedence

So here’s what Pluto wants, she wants surrender. She wants channel and flow. Let it go go go. It’s time to dance. Take your shoes off anywhere and pour that power forth. Let the raw, healing energy of Pluto echo through you. Express your desires aloud.

Don’t let self critical thoughts stop you from achieving what you want. Paint a picture. Sing a wild song. Move in crazy ways. Explore new areas. Build an altar. Explore your occult-laden past lives. Give free tarot readings. Practice tantra. Attend a Kundalini workshop! Scream with the voice of one thousand wild cats, horses, wolves or foxes!

Channel your deepest desires into admittance. Look into your lovers eyes. Gaze endlessly without questions. 


Take nude photographs of yourself. Hike naked. Try some BDSM. While being deviant, accept your dark self. Love your shadow. Learn from it. Reanalyze why you are chasing the goals you’ve set. Reset your intentions if need be. Push the button controlling the release and repentance for your many manipulative sins. Humble yourself in the mirror and know you are powerful under pressure. Collapse and surrender into the void. Pluto engulfs us now. It’s time to go under. It’s time to go within.

The Full Libra Moon, at the beginning of this Rx cycle, teaches us the balance of relationship. Balance is not only critical with our romantic lovers, but also within ourselves. If you have been giving yourself away for free, to the point of exhaustion, it’s coming time to stop.

In addition, relationships within your community and social network will be shifting. Take a moment to understand why you may judge others. Do you question their desires? Why are you concerning yourself with it? Are you may be.. A control freak?! Or, do you simply fall short of understanding their motives?

Don’t let guilt or fear persuade your judgements. Keeping in mind: it’s the Horse Year so thou shalt not lie (read more about the current Lunar year by clicking here).

Making a beautiful and compassionate world is of upmost importance. Bitter memories of past loves-gone-wrong are quickly fading under this influence. Let everything go. There is nothing you can control. Relax and rest assured, safety is an illusion.


Communicate your truth, don’t push. Touch others with genuine compassion, but don’t expect anything in return. Act selflessly. Your brilliant insight will provide you with the experience you need to take the next step into existence.

So, ask yourself where your electric charge comes from and where you’re grounding out. Save your energy for the most important projects and people. Remember that actions matter, intentions matter, people matter.. Material things most certainly do not. Treat others kindly, or else!

Make sure to take time and dance.

With infinite Love-



Ps: I even made something for you to enjoy on Spotify, a dance playlist dedicated to Pluto. It’s called “Pluto’s Playlist” Find me on Spotify and have a listen! 

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