Mercury + Uranus conjunction on April 14, 2014.

Expect flashes of brilliant insight coupled with a gusto for communication. You may be rapid reeling at the mouth. Take a moment and breath. Part of talking is listening. The mind will be operating rapidly. You may want to cut back on the morning coffee tomorrow!  mercury-conjunct-uranusThis is especially true for Aquarian, Gemini, and Virgo sun/moon/rising people, those with exaltation, or those with prominent corresponding house placements. In addition people with a natal, progressed, or transiting influence will also be touched by this conjunction.

For example, my North Node is in the 3rd house (Gemini) and my natal Moon (directly opposing my cancer/leo cusp Sun) was an exact full moon (exalted) on the Aquarius cusp. So I expect a push to use my unique communication skills and off-beat approaches to further my future goals. One could say, I’m working hard to be better at everything, but especially astrology, doing readings, and writing.sparkling-crystal-unicorn-18673-1920x1080With the electric energy of Uranus coupled with Mercury’s rapid message system (think: social media fast) there’s no need for caffeine. The universe is handing us a fast-forward backstage pass to our desires. Communicate them! Write down what you want and create a ritual to manifest it. Yes, unicorns are mercurial. You’re welcome.plutouranus-630x280This conjunction will activate a battery source many leave untapped. If you’re an Aquarius who’s been struggling for fresh ideas at your start up or think tank, wait no longer. Tomorrow is the day for brilliant revelations. It’s especially a great day to bounce ideas off other people. Meetings and communication will seem far more exciting than usual. If you’re a Virgo moon who’s been feeling in a lull with their emotions, never fear, tomorrow it will clear away. Take the time to write or create to clear the air. e-vint.com_.free0161 With rapid ideas bouncing like ping pong balls, it may be detrimental to some when the Mercury + Pluto square intensifies. Conversations may suddenly take a turn for the worst. Power struggles and intense energy may electrify the air to a nice awkward crisp. When the tear-laden layers of onion are peeled away, you wipe the tear from your spiritual eye, and realize the illusions have become more clear.

ThirdEyeDon’t be impatient if you have a great idea that nobody understands. It’s likely the “ah-has” are a bit ahead of their time. Such is the nature of Uranus fixed Air. Write it down. Talk about it. Put it out there. Let it leak into collective consciousness. Change takes time. Plant the seed now and reap the rewards later. Spring is the season to plant!

394Don’t let anyone use shame to silence you. Break free and embrace your connected and illuminated mind. Mercury is not retrograde and the choices you make now will be revisited come the pre-Rx phase starting May 24, followed by the full Rx, on June 7th. Act wisely.

With Infinite Love- C


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