Spiritual illumination with Astrology

Several weeks ago I read an article on Mother Jones magazine’s Facebook page about the Millennial generation’s overwhelming belief in Astrology as true science. Sadly the article was written in an ignorant and dismissive way. Using MJ’s traditionally bold shaming methods, the article simply pointed out that if you believed in Astrology as science, you were a full-blown moron. I was slightly horrified but not surprised.

astrology2The shame game is my least favorite way to get the point across. It’s unoriginal and grossly distasteful. It’s commonly used as weaponry against outspoken Anarchist or non-voters, liberated women, and   of course, Catholics. Tisk, tisk. It doesn’t make for creative or profound literary work. Rather it’s limiting and damning. Sounds like fire and brimstone religion to me. Millennials are in fact very likely to believe in the arcane and occult arts. Read the article Pluto in Scorpio: Millennials. The Mother Jones article ended on a fearful note to the world at large. Because evidently the Millennial generation are total idiots who believe in any bogus bullshit. Quite the opposite.

eyesObviously the authors had done no reading or research regarding the evolution of Astrology. The practice of Medicine, Astronomy, and even Botany fully incorporated Astrological practice. Beyond rightfully dismissing Sun-sign horoscopes in the local newspaper, passing Astrology off as mere foolery is just outright ignorant.

The statistical percentage of adults who regard Astrology as a sacred and accurate practice is on the rise. The disbelievers are dying out. Thus the media effort for our minds shifts drastically, into shaming anyone within the population, who dares claim Astrology is provably accurate. The old generations of sour critics and propaganda-eating blind folks are fading. Consciousness is rising and naturally so too are the once sacred yet now taboo practice called Astrology.

saturn+hexagramAstrology is a mixture of primitive science, sophisticated mythology, rudimentary psychology, and intuitive prophecy. It was the lingua franca of the ancient world. For thousands of years it had considerable impact on our culture. The stars were so commonly understood that Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Goethe, Kepler, Newton, Copernicus, and Galileo all reference them. In addition the works of Chaucer and Shakespeare are loaded with Astrological references. Carl Jung used Astrology in his clinical Psychology work.

DSC04853What you call god is to be expressed within your furthest depths, rather than demonstrated rationally or objectified historically. The oldest of sacred knowledge was oriented around the study of the planet gods and the stellar scatters between. References to the constellations can be found across religions and within the oldest written works.

Although I admit I’ve given no scientific proof thus far that Astrology is science*, I have pointed out that we are tied to it, and it to us. It is an undeniable link to our past. Astrology is a sacred rite denied by the masses. If we continue as a society to rebuke our sacred roots our spiritual stability will crumble. Many would argue this happened early in the 20th century, during the dawn of the mechanized era. Religion is not the answer. Materialism is not the answer. The answer is within us.

As Joni Mitchell said:

“We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden”

Lucifer3A most ironic detail, modern Christian sects reject Astrology as “Satanic” though the bible itself is a heavily coded archetypal guide to the 12 Astrological signs. Holidays and even words revolve around Astrological ties. The name ‘Jesus’ for example translates literally to “Hail Zeus” which is the archetype of Jupiter; master teacher and student. The root of Christianity is seeded from the Gnostic texts which also birthed Judaism, Paganism, etc. The word ‘Gnosis’ comes from the Greek word for knowledge, not as rational knowledge, but literally ‘insight’ and intuition. Or rather, as the bible declares “Let thine eye be full of light” referring of course to the third eye.

The study of the stars, as found in ancient texts and temples, is nothing more than an intuitive process of knowing oneself. To know oneself is to know ones own nature, divinity, and destiny. Therefore to know oneself at the deepest levels, is simultaneously to know god. 

image049In long-ago times when there was no television, the imagination soared nightly beneath the heavens. Astrology was a part of life and it always had been. It provided the necessary link between our humanity and angelic selves. Return to source and connection. Practicing intuition will further open the third eye.

All is illuminated. As above so below.

With Infinite love- C

*There is proof to defend Astrology as a true science. There have been plenty of naysayers who set out to disprove, but through correlation research, discover the light. I will save that information for another article at another time. If you’d like a head start, look here:






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