Applying Astrology: Complex Readings

In my last article Mercury + Uranus conjunction on April 14, 2013 I outlined the effects of this event on a broad range of people. The conjunction itself takes place in Aries, about 11 degrees behind tomorrow’s Sun. The purpose of this article, is to show you how to apply the effect of the conjunction and grand cardinal cross to your own natal or  transit chart. This application could also lend itself to synastry or progressed charts as well.


Now for the applications! What’s going on at 13 Aries in your own chart? What affairs are ruled by the house it occupies? How does this relate to your highest self? What messages are you needing to receive in relation to this realm? Are you open to radical insights?  

The Sabian symbol for 13 Aries is:

A bomb which failed to explode is now safely hidden from discovery.

Also: An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest.

Understanding Sabian symbols is subjective. They relate more to symbolism than a literal interpretation. It’s similar to reading Tarot cards, but you have only one minds-eye “card” from which to decipher the message. Often the client will internally associate it beyond my ability to describe it’s influence. I prefer to use them as an encrypted message. However for the sake of this example I will indulge.

A bomb is an Alchemical combination of elements in which a boom will result. It’s a mixture of elements. In this case, the war failed to start so the boom never hit. It can suggest a metaphysical/symbolist boom or insight, which shone light into the matter before it got out of hand. A resolution, of sorts. One option is public eye, the other is a safely hidden secret. The duality of Mars- public Aries and private Scorpio.

The literal location of Aries 13 in magick points directly to the importance of the planets, stars, houses, asteroids, or cusps occupying the degree. The archetype of the said conjunctions will shine a light on exactly where to look. It symbolizes a very important event.

For Example!

Picture 1In this natal chart we see the almost exact cusp of the 5th and 6th house falling on 13 Aries. In addition at 15 Aries is Eris Rx. Further knowledge of this chart: Life-path number is 6. The natal Sun recently progressed from Leo (ruler of the 5th house) into Virgo (ruler of the 6th house). The client will receive brilliant insights in how to better care for themselves both physically and spiritually. They are likely learning to love themselves more and take time for healing. The client is transforming from a more thrill-seeking yet self-centered and materialistic lifestyle, into a life which is more grounded and beautiful. The motto health is wealth is appropriate.

Screen-Shot-2013-03-12-at-6.20.14-PM-310x307I also know that the client’s natal Saturn has progressed recently from the 12th house, into the 1st. Suggesting that a restructure of self is imminent and that facing (possibly ignored) health issues can no longer be ignored. In addition old (sudden) injuries related to the skeletal system (including individual bones/teeth) will begin to heal if given proper attention. The focus shifts from others to personal matters.

There will likely be changes (one may say “for the better”) within the home. I can recommend gardening and a bit of wine at happy hour; to replace late night dance fests. Sleep, showers, and service to others is more important. But it’s likely the client, if in an upward growth pattern, has already reached this decision.

dianefergurson178The Mercury+Uranus conjunction at the 5/6th house cusps will point to communication and restructuring via radical insights at work and in the home. Mars and Pluto poking their noses into this aspect may challenge the client to stay calm and cool under pressure.

Eris, at 15 Aries, is the goddess equivalent to Mars. She touches a deeper side of the feminine. This placement of Eris Rx in Aries suggests that in past lives the client rejected the notion of female power source. Yet Erian women are the authentic warrior types—something not seen in the real world very often.

The retrograde underlines the karmic contract which reads “You have to get it right this time!

Eris Rx will guide the client, via the strength of this Pluto* squaring to peaceful resolution of war between the sexes. The duality of fluid Pluto -currently squaring Mercury conjunct Uranus- hovers at the cusp of the natal 5/6th (taking into account the other current 5/6th aspects via the progressed chart) we can assert that a stage of enlightenment from the masculine (le0/5th house) is now shifting into a fully receptive female powerhouse.

VIRGIL-FINLAY-American-1914-1971.-Astrology-magazine-story-illustration-circa-1950s_900What exactly does this mean? That the death of the previous self (ego, the Sun/Leo) has finished fully transitioning into a more grounded and communication-oriented person. Previous ideals, centering around lifestyle and image, will now shift to the home life. The possibility to reach higher potentials is here!

Thanks to a boom of energy from the current Mercury+Uranus conjunction squaring Pluto. The natal 5th/6th cusps conjunct Eris Rx scream of a war being won within the self. Giving into a home-oriented lifestyle vs. a “me first” ideal is peacefully coming to a close. There can be rest and relief.

horoscopo-leo-2014The Lunar eclipse which begins tomorrow, ushers in the Full Pink Libra Moon. It’s first full Moon of the Zodiac New Year. It occurs on the 15th, and is combined with a grand cardinal cross which includes; Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars retrograde in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. Where do you need to pay attention here? This is a call to reboot and start again.

Uranus in Aries conjunct Mercury, which we have been combing over here in detail, will be opposing the full moon/lunar eclipse/grand cardinal cross with Mars Rx in Libra. If we were to add this aspect to the reading it’d relate further to the theme of Eris Rx in the example chart. Libra suggesting that a balance between the masculine and feminine be struck. Oppositions present challenges.

Want to talk about your own chart? Tell me where your 13 Aries is. Keep in mind this conjunction is a minor event in the realm of readings.. Yet I can decipher paragraphs of information based on positions and Archetypal knowledge. If you’d like to learn more about the planets/Archetypes then please read my Planetary Guide pages on the home screen (still missing Saturn, ironically).il_fullxfull.174664633 See how far the wheel and web of life will take you? Each flower petal at a time. One key at a time. Accelerating the evolution of our human experience. Where will you go next?

With infinite love-  C

*Pluto, classically ruled by mars (so is Aries) is also the overlord of Eris.

What do you think?

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