Cosmic Dust

Animal Spirits: The Salamander

Fresh young skin, like the salamander.

Through the Peacock's Eyes

One of the surprise salamanders! One of the surprise salamanders!

Yesterday morning before meeting with some Tarot clients, I went to refresh my pups’ water bowl in the office garden for them. To my surprise there were two very tiny young salamanders underneath the bowl. Oddly, this past week, I had been thinking about when I was a child and how I’d lift up some rocks in the garden and find salamanders. I had wondered if I’d still be able to find salamanders in city gardens. Though with all the fog, San Francisco is a moist city, there is no pond or regular water source or watering in the office garden. I knew that this most unexpected surprise was very meaningful for me in this intensely transformational time of my life.

Salamanders are amphibians who live in cool, moist, wet, and watery environments. Mostly they are active at night, which connects them to the Moon…

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