Venus Conjunct Neptune

Venus pairs up with Neptune today for an imaginative dance. Let your irrational feelings of love swim deep! Express it by being extra romantic to your sweetie or yourself. Kiss your dog, hug your neighbor, or find the time make love all afternoon with your partner.

Beware, you (and others) may look extra dreamy during this time. Don’t start any new relationships just yet, or you may wake up next week only to discover you made a huge mistake. Neptune can really put the ‘foggy love goggles’ on us.. Especially when hanging out with sensual Venus! Don’t forget the facts and try to avoid being delusional.

It’s a great time to practice tenderness and compassion to everyone you can. Why not start a community garden? Venus would be proud! She teaches us to make the world a more beautiful place.. While Neptune will show us how to use our dreams to craft a better vision of reality. This is the time to start any beautification initiatives you’ve been putting off.

Make sure to give yourself lots of love. Making a beautiful spiritual spot in which to meditate from the heart may bring deep inner peace and joy. Try incorporating shells or your favorite toy whale to honor Neptune. If you’ve been waiting to forgive someone who’s hurt your heart, today is the day.

Dream on my rainbow children and make a spontaneous drive to the ocean with your lover. What a great day to go swimming naked! If that’s not realistic, don’t tell Neptune. Any water worship will suffice!

This is an easy aspect compared to next weeks Grand Cross thunder-shit-storm of radical change. The upcoming Pink moon and full lunar eclipse will push you to new limits. The rest of April will prove challenging. Enjoy today and this beautiful weekend! Don’t forget to share this information!!

Open yourself to infinite love, because today she’s looking for you.


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