Jupiter Stations Direct

While the largest planet in our solar system definately influences everyone, some may feel it more strongly. Those with a Sagittarius sun, moon, or rising sign may feel the largest pull. Yet individuals with a rising or sun sign of Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio will also be experiencing this energy. In addition if your Natal Jupiter falls in the 9th house or in it’s home sign of Sagittarius (or the current and exalted sign of Cancer) you may feel this influence the most. Make sure to check your transit chart for Jupiter’s position and influence in your own life.


Profound leaps in the self-love pool are now available to anyone who has ever been caught up worrying about what someone else thinks of them. Yay, all of us! With expansive healing Jupiter in Cancer it’s the ideal time for working through childhood issues. Mommy issues will be at the forefront. Don’t push opportunities aside. King Jupiter does not appreciate delay. jupiter_in_pisces_art Make peace within your home. Burn sage and place moonstone in sacred places. Honor your Empress and Emperor ancestors. Accept with humility that everyone is teaching you something. Do not become angry with rude people. What are they trying to show you? If it bothers you, perhaps you do the same thing.

10172842_259633600882392_875761710883095184_nCultivate a nurturing environment in all possible moments. Honor your inner child. It’s okay to daydream or eat comfort food. Just keep it in moderation. Feel free to nest as much as possible. Enjoy lots of sex, multiple dinners, and couch time. If you’ve been thinking about clearing out clutter and giving away pointless possessions, Jupiter will let you slide until July. Donating to charity will bring more luck, than trying to sell unused material possessions for personal profit. Buy lunch for someone who is less privileged than yourself. Share what you have. Take time to appreciate animals. Spending time with children and furry friends earn superstar bonus points.

201199114719662The desire to stay home and wallow in pints of designer ice cream, boxes of sandwich cookies, or piles of cheesy nachos while marathoning movies all night is not healthy. Try looking at pictures, playing board games, or making a meal with someone you love. Join a family tree building website and explore your roots. Talk to your family more frequently, invite friends over for a lavish dinner, and appreciate your partner(s) more during this emotionally confusing time. Backrubs are always awesome.

Someone with a strong Jupiter in cancer, or in the 4th house, may lean towards a meatless diet. Thus, this influence may increase collective sympathy to the plight of the voiceless. So, you may find yourself being more of a vegetarian, without much effort. An appropriate diet may bring you back into balance at this time. With Jupiter in Cancer compassion comes first. If you want to express true kindness and love, it must resonate deep within. If we begin with our core energy, our diet, often it’s much easier to achieve. For this reason many cultures and belief systems practice vegetarianism.

Jupiter-in-CancerProsperity will flow more freely now that Jupiter is moving forward. If you’re conjuring magik to speed it along it’s helpful to burn purple and white candles. Wear more gray and indigo. For more info on Jupiter magik and associations check out my planetary guide. Horses are particularly lucky now, especially since we’re in the horse year. Practice more random acts of kindness.

The archetype Jupiter: 24/42, king of the planets, Zeus, Also known as Jesus (“hail Zeus”), and the theme of self sacrifice for spiritual expansion. My article Into the Wild explores this archetype in depth.

Take some time to nurture yourself and others. Happy Spring. For more about Jupiter read my Planetary Guide.

Extra lucky for Cancers, Sagittarius, and Pisces.



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