Cosmic Dust

Cancer Jupiter RX: Fresh skin for faster movement

Where have we been? Somehow we’ve gotten lost while making merry. In a seemingly endless ballroom spin, the cosmic goop hasn’t quite worn off yet. We’ve exuded too much and burned ourselves out. Giving, always giving into the glitz. In a wayward stupor, we dissolved the directions home. Lost in a haze of philosophical ideals. Babbling but listening to no one.

Dancing drunk fools gathered under the moonlight. We’ve forgotten to remember to not forget. Brief denial about our direction. Suddenly we’ve woken up lost. It could’ve been a bad dream. But it lags on. Dredging forward. We walk.

Behaving like multitasking doped-up clowns. Bowing to a god who isn’t there. Mirror reflecting a truth. We’re struggling to reach our potential. Running nowhere at full speed. Wanting desperately to slow down. Now we hold on tighter. The wattage is increasing. We will be taken care of. Resting assured, it’s in our own hands. Shocked from this coma, we remember our power.

Operating under this massive dysfunction seems to have been our only security and safety. A net cast in the wind, we’ve only recently crawled from it’s reach. With new skin, dewy like a salamander or a slightly infected fresh burn. We are raw. Feeling caught in very strange and sticky places. Darkness returns. Spiderwebs, our old insecurities and dusty secrets, clinging on strong. Absolute panic arises when they don’t shake off so easily.

Screaming, the painful memories of nagging self-doubt, self-negation, self-sabotage. We ran. Hit with bits of shrapnel, trouble due to excesses. We ran faster, into the ground. Headache imploding from avoidance. Excruciatingly limiting thought processes took hold as a result.These are particles of viruses we’ve learned to love. Parasites poisoning our minds. We let them ride for free. Meanwhile, taxing our own well being. We’ve rotted ever so slowly.

Our former doubts now melt away. The thaw is a boggy, slow, numb, and freezer-burned haze. Embrace self-care. Honor your power. Return to the center. Healing is essential. It’s time to amp up for another cosmic leap, set for mid July. Embrace your right to be successful. Recharge and renew.. and get ready for bigger things ahead.


in love everlasting, xo- C

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