Cosmic Dust

Saturn’s Cycles – The Seven-Year Itch and the Saturn Return

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© by Donna Cunningham, MSW

TAGSA cvr 2014 smhe following is an excerpt from Donna’s Cunningham’s classic, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness, now in a newly updated 2014 ebook edition. Saturn’s complete cycle around the Sun takes 29.4 years. Hard aspects of transiting Saturn to its place in your birth chart (squares and oppositions) take place each seven years. Each 7-year period ends with a new phase of maturing and taking stock of our lives.

At those stages of life, we experience an  “itch” to make more of ourselves and our contribution to the world. The 7-year phases between Saturn aspects to natal Saturn are the normal stress periods of living and growing, which psychologists call normative crises (for example, adolescent turmoil at 14, or moving out on your own at 21). While 21 is popularly considered our coming of age, in reality it’s just an entry-level position into adulthood.

We become…

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