Moon in the Storm, How Wonderful.

Our Moon mother may make us moody, but she’s trying to teach us to trust her. As with all our  cosmic guidance we must learn to listen. I often am told how difficult it can be to start listening. The easiest planet to hear is close by, so if you’re having trouble being quiet.. Try not being quiet. Singing praises is the fastest way to open up communication, not just with our ancestors, guides, and cosmic awareness.. But also to others. Don’t let your moods ruin someone’s day, honor them instead. Sing to the Moon for her lessons are deep.

Kai, Kai, Kai, Yemaya a lodo

Kai, Kai, Kai, asesu a lodo

Kai, Kai, Kai, Yemaya a lodo

Kai, Kai, Kai, achaba o lodo.

This song is from Santeria tradition and still sung yearly during ceremonies in parts of Brazil and the Caribbean. It celebrates the West African Creation and Moon Goddess Yemaya. You can chant this song whenever you need  to be comforted. Let Mother moon surround you with protection.

 Kai, Kai literally means “How wonderful, How wonderful”. The rest of the song translates to “My Mother’s house is in the ocean. My mother is an anchor in the storm.” What an amazing and beautiful song! During the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, at the beginning of Summer at Solstice, this song is celebrated as a prayer to cleaned of all sorrow and dread.

Try connecting to the Moon through the storms of your life. She controls all Oceans.. and She will guide you safely home. Xo-

Moon-over-the-oceanOn a personal note I just purchased a San Lazaro botanica candle yesterday at my favorite Asian mega grocery store. It was only one of three saints for sale. I felt very drawn to him despite his skin sores.. The two dogs with him I thought immediately, he represented me (I have two dogs) After researching I discovered his feast/holiday is the same day as Yemaya, June 21. The day which represents coming from the light and tackling the darkness. A theme in my present incarnation. He is said to represent a poor man becoming rich in Christ’s love (My archetype is Christ/Jesus/Jupiter/Sagittarius read here) Gotta love that Sync! Also, one of my dogs is named Kaiya but I call her Kai Kai!! HOW WONDERFUL HOW WONDERFUL!! 

What do you think?

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