Syncastry Reading: Past Life Lovers and Current Contracts

Several weeks ago I received a comment on my other website regarding a Sync Natal chart reading. The women (addressed in the 1st person below) has experienced a recent separation and suddenly developed an interested in man she knew. She was very strongly drawn to him but he was very hesitant to get serious with her. She was in fact so strongly pulled to him she asked me to analyze their natal charts to see if they had a past connection. Yes, is the short answer, very much so.
(Client is spoken to in 1st person)
You find it very easy to see exactly who he is. You recognize his soul and his intentions. This makes him uncomfortable because he cannot reciprocate anywhere near the level to which you see (into) him. This poses a challenge for his psyche as he is uncomfortable getting close to you- fearing you will see a fall before it happens and leave him first. He fears being left for in your past lives you were indeed together.
You were in a position of power during the last era of neptune you were (masculine) in politics, the arena of waring strategy, and very well known. A commander, general, or chief. He likely was (feminine) involved via family (mothers side) with your sworn enemy. He was forbidden to see you. This forced you to become secret lovers and war surrounded your entire relationship during this time and after the fall. I have seen this pattern before and the current position of pluto, jupiter, and venus support this being brought out now.
The energy was so powerful between you. You were drawn to each other like a very powerful magnet. You felt suffering when you were apart. It caused you pain and he likely threatened death for relief. You felt panic and desperation to save him- Something you still carry. You began to keep secrets from each other regarding strategies your opposing camps supported. Your allies were strong and you knew his family would fall. This drove a wall between you. His mother was a leader of his clan and he was her only daughter. Your bitterness towards his affinity to stay by her side brought even more pain into your life.
You likely longed to freely engage with him, but your public image forbid you to travel anonymously. He grew tired of keeping things a secret and likely resented you for his own feelings of loneliness and isolation. He likely still uses this against you. You were equals in this lifetime as twin spirits hailing from the same center. But your high ranking position and his Mother’s affiliations likely fogged your abilities to see this truth. This lesson was your no1 failure during the fall and the pain is still carried in both memories. (not honoring themes of Jupiter/Pluto and to a lesser degree, Venus)
You both feel and react strongly to these subconscious memories and he especially will feel uneasy about discussing them. You will tend to get pushy and forget that although you felt the pain of separation, you were in a position of power.. While he spent his life in the shadow of his family name. His need to uphold his honor and respect his roots should be respected by you at this time. A ‘switch’ into your family will not make him feel comfortable at this time. Healing will need to happen first.
There lacks a trust of understanding, distance can and will bring you closer if you clearly communicate. You will continue to be distant from each other until you can freely communicate your hurts, hopes, and fears. You both need to learn to trust your separateness as something you can learn, heal, and finally grow from.
He likely still fears you are “better” than he is and is terrified (again) of being abandoned and feeling worthless. He feels lesser and needs to be uplifted and even praised. This particular lifetime is especially pertinent to his growth. He carries many wounds around his ego. His objective here would be to learn to grow from material/ego desires into desire for communication/higher consciousness instead. You will find healing by expanding your awareness to include considering past life issues first in this relationship.. and trusting that everything will be alright if you act right! Exactly as it should be.
Although things may literally seem sideways at times, if you trust and act from a place of collective benefit, you will be blessed beyond belief. Don’t doubt yourself. Your radical ideals should be shared in order to heal. Remembering your past is key. Acknowledging your power is useless if you won’t use it.
Your power does not mean you can freely tear things apart and restructure them. It’s in your nature to operate well in chaos. This can be traumatic for your partner in question. Your waring politico self feels comfortable with radical and rapid change, while he absolutely does not.. No mater the organizational aspects and no matter the intent.
You originated from a similar place in the galaxy’s heart. His archetype is virginal/feminine, sacred, divine. He has an affinity to be a healer. Your archetype is a regenerative masculine power house. Your key is to reconnect with your energetic nature. You you will do well to teach each other your strengths which are the others weakness. Together this will make you stronger. 
You are one of “his angels” (not literal) and here to help him heal from his past. This is likely terrifying to him in an unexplainable way. He may run. But if he does not, in turn, he will help heal your wounds.
You feel very comfortable having him in your home because he truly shines with his light when you share your home with him. Likely because he always wanted to be a part of your family and was forbidden to do so. He may feel very deeply afraid in this life, so deeply he doesn’t know how to express it. His scars for the approval of his mother in the past may hinder him from feeling secure enough with himself to make that step.
Exercises in writing down feelings rather than reactions could be helpful. If he is distant it is because he is lost in his own fog. You will need to be patient, see clearly, and not be pushy with him. His hesitation is his pain and is nothing you should take personally.
You come from recent lifetimes past of literal romantic desert. Once you found your past love you felt the need to run into his arms. This is a beautiful and expected reaction! Remember you’ve waited a very long time for him, there’s no need to rush it. Your heart screams “Finally” but the Wheel of Life says “Learn the lesson first”. Don’t let this time of healing turn into desperation. If you push you will either lose him or start on the literal wrong foot.
Lifetimes spent alone often provide more growth than lifetimes spent with others. You’ve come from a place where you felt alone. It’s made you question your current  separation and even your own beauty. It’s ok to be alone on the mountain top, we can see furthest from up there! Be patient. Love yourself.
I encourage you to discuss these themes. Many times being open with communication will bring back memories. They are often in dreams and yes daydreams too. These memories are full color movies. You will recognize your partner. Your partner will often look similar to their current appearance. i.e. same eyes, mouth, etc. Their energy will always be obvious. You recognize and feel the need to need each other.
What you need each other for is literally to heal from the past. Here is a huge opportunity to expand and take a jump in evolution. Yes, there is romance here and a very old scar from romance past. if you can grow and be honest to one another you have a real potential for another shot in this lifetime. These are the greatest gifts. The Archetype of Jupiter/Sagittarius is important. I encourage you to do research here it holds the key to your success. Love will heal your past.

What do you think?

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