Past Lives, Karmic Debt, and The Natal Chart

For many the natal chart is a only means from which to decipher someone’s personality. A Leo is wild, a Virgo neurotic, a Scorpio secretive… and so on. This limited viewpoint has widely spread the cliche that Sun-Sign Astrology is best represented by the horoscope in your daily newspaper. This is a common misconception. The stars do not happen to us, rather, we live through them. Mercury retrograde doesn’t mean you’re life is over for 3 weeks, it means it’s a time to rethink things. Perhaps your natal Mercury is retrograde? It’s pretty common.. Mercury retrograde would be the best time to make changes and better yourself.. Yes that goes for everyone, but especially if your Natal Mercury is Retrograde.

We can harness the power of the entire universe if we so choose. We embody all. We are the cosmos. Learning which stars and planets support you will give you a stronger platform from which to work from. Imagine having Neptune on your team. You could already have Mars as your leader. Or Venus as your inspiration. Or the Moon as your mother. There are asteroids, fixed stars, comets, dwarf planets and many other elements to read from. We are complex beings! Honoring your Astrological heritage is a powerful way to connect with your electrical sources. If you understand your Archetype, you can evolve with ease!


I often convey during a first chart reading: stop looking for a reason to fail. There is no negative in Astrology. There is no doom sentence, guaranteed failure, or bad luck. Pluto is not out to get you. Eclipses don’t mean bad mojo. Venus doesn’t dislike you. (and the Sun is not the only celestial body pertinent to your life) The most commonly requested reading is on one subject: Love. Everyone wants to hear about their partner. Where are they? Why not start discovering who you are.. Before you ask who they are. Love is not the only decipherable note within your natal chart, so don’t sell yourself short. There may be points where an accident, addiction, or tumultuous relationship may be highlighted in your life. You can turn to Astrology. Understanding the lesson will quickly deplete the symptoms. There is no absolute in Astrology. There is only integration, understanding, reflection, and action.

Journey #3 greeting cardWith all, we create our own world. So with any treatment, the best way to cure your sick soul is to recognize it’s past karmic burdens. If you feel heavy, if your body experiences sharp and unusual pains, if you have freaky birthmarks, get unexplained headaches, or have unreasonable fears of certain situations.. You are carrying karmic loads with you. You may have picked them up in the past 10 years. You may have had them for the past 1000 years. Everyone is different. That cannot be expressed enough. We can carry loads for others too. Those people who drain you are likely those you are trying to balance. Through this sponge balance technique, you will carry someone else’s toxic load. Let it go. Taking on someone’s pain does not help them. It sentences them to relive it again so they can finally learn their own truth. Likewise if someone is dumping on you, don’t let them. If you can’t seem to shake them, you feel obligated to them, or even feel addicted to their punishment.. Ask yourself why. There’s a good chance they come from a previously unlearned or ignored lesson from another lifetime. They’re likely coming back to reopen the chapter you never finished. Those people who “push our buttons” often fall into this category. While they can certainly be a lesson in patience, they are most defiantly a gift. Without these interactions we’d never eliminate past debts or reach our full potential.


Many fail to realize the soul chooses to incarnate at a very specific time. We choose where and to whom we are born so we can fully achieve our purpose. Part of our purpose is lightening our load. The other part of our purpose is expanding and graduating into the next level of consciousness. When between lives we secure our lesson plan for Earth. We choose when to enter this plane. Sometimes there is a wait. But it’s at that specific moment and location in which the declarative stamp is made upon us, our natal chart. It’s incredible we can use the wheel of life to open ourselves up to new horizons and possibilities. With the Green Horse year coming to set us free, it’s a good time to talk about karmic freedom via paying off our debts.


Remember: The natal chart does not simply represent who we are; it also reminds us of our goals and contracts in this lifetime. It can reveal to us the novel of our soul. Far away places we’ve come from, everywhere we’ve recently been, who we are, and where we should be going. Once one path is discovered many others will follow. When you open one chapter in your past, many others will surface. Although we are provided with this “cheat sheet” there is no right way for you other than the way you choose. You may choose to live unhappily, just okay, or in bliss. Those who follow their sync, serve with love, and expand their consciousness will likely find they are living in harmony with their spiritual path. I  find natal readings for highly functioning folks are the most fun. The truth is already imbedded within us and it’s always bubbling forth. A natal reading simply provides validation in their path. While someone who is struggling, fighting, and running uphill may find relief to know they can trust themselves. They can understand their power and move on from their karmic debts. This permission slip grants us the ability to evolve ions faster while removing our pain, fear, and hate. We may spend our whole lives remembering who we are, but that’s what we’re here to do.


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  1. Hi, I think it’s interesting how even though you may stray away from the plan organised before reincarnation, eventually you’ll end aligning yourself to that very thing. Was wandering if you could do my chart?

  2. I love this article. I used to scoff at astrology because I thought it was just the “newspaper” stuff. I couldn’t believe everyone born in a certain time frame had the same horoscope reading. Now I know that there is way more to it! I want my chart done!

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