Approaching the Green Wood Horse Year in 2014

So we’ve journeyed around the sun once more. While there is indeed reason for celebration the true New Year is still a month away. January 31st  begins the Lunar New Year. I recall this time last year when paranoid images of a giant black mamba strangling the life from me first came to my mind.

Yes last December while conjuring Snake mojo I was a little worried. It took some time for me to understand that my counterpart the serpent wasn’t out to get me. I was in denial over the nearing exit of the exciting 2012 Water Dragon and apprehensive towards the encroaching Water serpent year.

I’ve come to understand the water serpent now and I will fondly bid her adou in just a few short weeks. For most of us, facing the Water Snake proved a challenging year. Similar to the touch of Goddess Kali we’ve likely been torn down to start anew. A shedding of skin and renewal of life was a prominent theme this year. You may’ve experienced a great change in your life such as a move, a death, a new baby, or a job change.


In 2013 we learned to slow down after riding the Dragon wave of 2012. We’ve learned to be a little more conscious of our finances and how we use them. The “Use what you’ve got” and “Be Grateful to Feel Your Abundance” mantras were very popular this year.


Finally we’ve learned a little more about people.. Who we can trust, who we cannot. We’ve likely deepened relationships or broken away from others. If you’re still negotiating with people rest assured the Horse year is for resolve and resolution. Horse intellect is shrewd and honest with some brutal charm.


As we finish slithering through the water and come onto the shores of a new beginning  we prepare to run with wild horses. Let’s remind ourselves that just because we’ve learned to ride the snake’s watery wave doesn’t make us experts in surfing nor does it make us land runners. Nay, this year of the Green Wood Horse will teach us we can trust ourselves enough to run free.

When pondering the entrance of the Green Horse I cannot help but be reminded of the struggle of the tomato plant:

When planted, it comes from nothing. Hardly warmed soil and just a very small seed. It spends it’s time growing towards the light, in exaltation of life. On come the Spring rains, full force and smothering with pressure. Struggle, drowning, effort henceforth: I WILL survive. The Tomato plant endures, onward and upward. When a few Moons pass it has grown stronger. It is more durable having been buried into itself. It’s grown deeper roots. It’s stalk is virtually unbreakable and it stands on it’s own. Free of it’s cage it begins to reach it’s full potential. It thrives in the hot mid Summer Sun. It embraces high noon. It has been brought to the end and back again. It’s learned to stand tall and breath deeply. Tomato plants put through the toughest challenges will bear the sweetest fruit. They will grow the deepest roots.

The Wood Horse Year -like a long summer- is the season of ripening fruit. Think of High Noon as your time to shine. Harness the power of the Horse if just but for a moment to capture your dreams. Take hold and ride the Green Wood Horse into the life you desire. Just be sure to give those reins up when you’re done. Nobody wants to be bucked off!


 Full speed ahead- Here we go! Just one month left before the end of the Water Snake Year. If we’ve learned to slither in 2013 and soar over waves in 2012 then we can ride this Horse through the forest. This jump from Water to Wood may prove to be a huge relief for some people. Emotions won’t be running as wild. Any “heaviness” you’ve felt or sense of being overwhelmed may soon pass. Have you been struggling to stay afloat? Ask yourself what’s holding you back. You’ve only got a few weeks left to clear up that confusion. Afterwards you’re going to be using that same judgement to ride a horse barebacked. Are you ready for it? It’s coming. Enter, The Green Wood Horse.


Wood Horse Loves:

Do what ya wanna! Dance on the spot, take a trip, make new friends. Voyages to new places in far away lands will be especially supported by this energy flow. Friends from far away places will bring luck. Listen to something you’ve never heard before. Keep expanding and the Horse will bless you.

Use your Intuition & listen up! Horses are ruled by their intuition and their hearts. Use the Green Light of the Wood Horse to open your heart and let yourself be guided. If you ignore the call you may stumble and fall. Green means go, so get going.

Wear something with a horse on it! This is a given but needs to be said. Buy a scarf or a necklace featuring a horse. If you find a pegasus mirror, unicorn earring, or horse head belt buckle.. buy it! Horse loves to be admired! Put a horse in your house facing a window or door in the south or southwest. This will invite Horse luck into your home. I have some Breyer horses I collected as a child displayed in my favorite Hutch. They live there permanently but I plan to scatter them about for the coming year.  Hang some horseshoes in your house, above a southward door way. Put a picture of a horse in your home. Take some horseback riding lessons. Volunteer at your local public stable. Do anything that will bring the horse into your life!


Welcome Home– Find your guides in 2014 so you can run freely in the direction of your dreams.

Be honest– Horse does not bless those who hide truths.

Be loyal, give those who deserve it your loyalty.

Act fast when you know it’s right: This is a blessing but can lead to downfall. Horse will take you where you want to go. Think about Gandolph upon his white steed! Fearless and loyal is the horses MO. If you are unsure but ride regardless you may find yourself half way to a goal you’ve never wanted. Why waste all that effort? Don’t let the horse’s high speeds carry you in the wrong direction. Be sure of yourself before you act in 2014.


Available Gifts from the Horse to You:

A deep sense of peace and abundant blessings. Let yourself receive but do not spend too much on yourself. You do deserve it, but going into debt for material gain is not worth it. Trust the horse to bring things to you. Listen for clues to where treasure is hidden.

Fortune is readily available this year for those who have been loyal to the Horse morals in the past. If you have a business that has been in limbo, now is the time to make it or break it. Stay true to yourself and the magic will happen. You have the ability to manifest your dreams. Go for a 12hr turnaround.. It happens and you can make it happen in your life!

Newly found sharp judgement. Perhaps you’re already keen on everyone or may be you fall for every gullible joke around. Regardless, you’ll be able to tune into the Horses keen sense of judgement and use your own intuition towards a more guided decision making process.

follow your intuition phrase handwritten on blackboard

Horse Symbolism:

The 5th cycle of the lunar year and the month of June. Think about lots of heat and reaching our full potential. Envision lots of green strong plants. Then envision yourself growing as powerfully and then surpassing those plants. Fire energy is fueled by the Wood element of 2014. The Horse runs fastest in the hottest peak of day from 11am-1pm.


Horse Year Activities:

The activities in the Horse year are mostly centered around large gestures and parties. Getting married to your faithful galloping partner is very auspicious in the Horse year. Renewing your previous vows brings good luck and fortune in the coming years. Having kids during the year of the Wood Horse is considered very lucky and brings lots of happiness into the home. Very far away travel is also highly supported by the Horses flow. If you want to move cross country then Horse will ease the journey and aid your arrival.

Horse Year Needs:

If you choose to run with the Wood Horse Energy you will be granted the space to do so. But you must honor the Horse in your actions or you’ll be on the bad pony list. Horse wants the freedom to run, which means don’t linger on ideas this year. Don’t delay. Don’t procrastinate.. and definitely don’t hold others back. Horse wants you to have an intimate connection be it a trusted friend, family member, or romantic partner. Horses are social creatures and need close support systems. Keep your sensitive Horse energies balanced but remember you’ve got parties to attend and crows of people to charm. Invitations may overwhelm you this year so choose quality over quantity. When the Horse is abused and not honored you’ll be faced with rebellion, extremes, isolation, betrayal, or failure.

Extra lucky people this year:

Horse people of course! All the Horses’s friends like Tigers, Sheep, and Dogs. Most challenging year for the Rat who will be forced to move and think more quickly than they may be comfortable with. Lucky totem is the Boar who can bring a grounding and lighthearted energy to the Horse year. Not on the Horses list? That’s okay. It’s just not your time to shine. Tidy up and get ready for the Sheep in 2015. Be thrifty and don’t make any wild Horse decisions!


It’s the last month of the black water snake.. While still honoring her watery prowess.. I feel safe saying “WHEW! Glad it’s almost over!” The snake, sitting across the wheel from my zodiac animal the Boar, is not my closest companion. This time last year I received the message “Strap down and hold on tight!” So, that’s what I did. What a ride this had been.. Like a never-ending water shoot at Adventure Mountain. I’m ready for this trip to end.

Final Words on the Horse Year:

Don’t be selfish but don’t let yourself be broken. Don’t be implosive if it feels off and absolutely don’t follow the crowd if you don’t want to. Embrace your free spirit. Allow yourself to be wild and allow yourself to ruled by your own will. Embrace being independent even if for short bouts. You can act quickly and still make sound judgement calls.. Remember your intuition and use it!!

Thanks for reading XOXO-


Don’t forget what Carry Bradshaw had to say about Running with Horses:


Pony bonus:

Easily download on ancient wisdom and guidance. Especially knowledge of the Natives and Star Systems such as Bootes and Sirius. Don’t forget about our friend Sagittarius- Half horse. Look for lucky Gemini’s or Sagittarius to pop up.

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