Cosmic Dust

Happy New Moon New Year

The 11th House

New Moon @ 10 Capricorn January 1, 2014
LA –  3:14 am
NY –  6:14 am
LON -11:14 am
SYD -10:14 pm

The first New Moon after the Solstice sets the tone for the entire year.

Remember you get to decide how your respond to everything that comes your way. Be it old family dynamics, new romantic interest, brilliant creative dream or a job/living situ that has to change, you set the stage by how you think of it. Use this time to amp up your self-respect and ‘big perspective’. Appreciate every little thing!

AriesARIES: This New Moon focus is on your core values but it’s not enough to simply know what they are. You want to express them out into the world. Ask what it is you represent and be that every time you step outside your door. Career Action time!

TaurusTAURUS: As your world gets…

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