Touching the Stars

Today while reading the newest edition of the Mountain Astrologer I was paused by this beautiful quote. The author used to describe Jupiter’s expansiveness in our lives.

Turn out the lights and watch the real ones in heaven- those our ancestors imaginative minds used to mold a wonderful poetic imagery about themselves and their relation to the universe. For long ago the fingertips of humankind touched earth and sky more sensitively, and from those sensations came a self awareness that we could never be separate from nature.

from the book Conversing with the Planets


















Sync would have it just two days ago I was searching endlessly (see what I did there? Endless expansiveness) for my Jupiter Signs book. It was not to be found. But alas, here I find this stand-out quote and realize I already possess all the knowledge. I’ve been listening to this video Grandmother Moon on YouTube by John Trudell. As we enter into Solstice we will be asked to remember the light and walk towards our authentic selves. From the shortest days of winter bloom the longer days of Spring.

Sync strike three, dung beetle posts. Check this cool article out from Fractal Enlightenment. Even beetles follow the stars!

Reach out, touch your ancestors, and expand. Also check out that Grandmother Moon video.

So much love and happy solstice 


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