It’s time to go, let’s do it

Today marked a beautiful turning point in our collective story on Earth School. As individuals we’ve reached the end of a cycle regarding past lives and the Karma that goes with them. Here we find a freedom button where we can let go of some very old energetic weight.

Often events of this magnitude will have a ‘pre wave’ of action. It’s likely you’ve been feeling pressured, stressed, or otherwise bothered lately.. More than average. If you’ve been feeling let down by a system, father figure, boss, or politician there’s more to come.. Change the outcome with a radical new approach. It’s time to restructure and regenerate.

You could’ve suffered a foot or ankle injury, lost your job, or been forced to move into another apartment recently. All of these things are overwhelming. Are you seeing clearly? These are tests. Are you handling things the same way each time but expecting change? That’s crazy. You can’t blame others for your dis.ease. Turn off the repeat cycle. #LetsGetRadical

You are irritated because you think you know the outcome of these situations. Trust that things happen to your benefit if you speak positively over your life. 

These waves could mean you’ve been unwilling to leave the past behind. The Youniverse will find way to purge old grime from you. When you have trials it’s because your life needs to be revamped. Can I get a “Duh” in the house? Change doesn’t have to be large scale to be drastic.. Close your eyes, take a breath, trust yourself. Show everyone how easy it is to be free. 


Let go of what you think is real and embrace a new beginning. It has to start somewhere and it’s not painful until it comes past due. Learn to ease into shifting gears. You don’t have to hide within yourself anymore. Share yourself with others and allow trust to guide your steps. The phrase “Stop to smell the roses” is about other people! Don’t just pay empty compliments, be genuine.

Listen for clues, phrases, even songs throughout your day. Nothing is random it’s all here for us to experience. If you’ve just had a hunch, follow it. When you hear that little voice popping off with ideas, take it seriously.. Write it down! When you let go of your perceived control you can catch the wave. So go with the flow and see how quickly your thoughts become reality. The hologram is ready and turnaround time is about 24 hours. If you really want it.. jump on it, jump on it.. (now sing with me!).. Jump on it!!! 


Embrace this new power surge. Use it to bring positive energy into your life. Speak beautiful words to yourself and others. Share that Score.Pi.Ohhhh love!

Think about the path you’ve been on for the past few years. Do you like it? Plant some flowers to make it nicer yet? Still hate it? Get on a different path. The upcoming Horse year is a great time to go back to school or make a career change. If you’ve been waiting to commit to a new project or creative endeavor, perhaps it’s because you’re on the wrong path. What are you waiting for? You can manifest your dreams so don’t sell yourself short.. Just wait until after Nov10 to sign any paperwork or make any dealings. 

It’s transformer power- Trans locate that former self and moooove on.. Don’t forget it TransformsUS. It’s time for everyones sake.. for a housecleaning. It’s time for a new breath of life. Any negativity you speak over your life must be removed (I have no money, No one cares about me, etc) Your thoughts and words are powerful transformative tools so use them wisely. Stop speaking curses over your life and stop cursing others lives as well.


Practice cleaning your heart buttons. Pause, breath, restart. Ask others if you can help them. Offer understanding and compassion without prying for details. Ask yourself what makes you glow and go do it. What’s in your life that you can do without? What patterns do you have which are no longer serving your growth? Are you giving yourself away for free without any return? What makes you most excited? Get after it and know that outside of your own power you are guided by the gods of communication, self, intuition, and regeneration.

Thank you.


We can choose to shed our dead skin and become renewed so we can soar higher. This powerful transformation in the 6th house was brought to you by the Solar Eclipse/New Moon Saturn sandwich in Scorpio featuring Mercury Rx and the North Node all flying at various speeds towards Uranus.

What do you think?

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