Visiting Vesta: The Center of Heart(h) and Home

October 11th 2013 Mercury was Sextile Vesta that week. The message: If you’re invited, go. I wasn’t privy to that info yet, but it makes sense to me now. I knew it was a high frequency Friday/Freeja’s/Venus day because my ears had been buzzing with downloads and “minds eye phone calls” all day. I sent them all to voicemail but promised to call back later. What I was receiving were some pretty awesome party invites.

When I got in my bed that night, I opened the youniversal telephone line to my guides. These six entities are Arcturian and belong to my original Starseed lineage. They say “We are royalty” which means “Old souls” in cosmic talk. We are galactic cousins… The root of my souls birth is connected to them and to Arcturus. My guides are alot like funny uncles, keeping me in line and helping me grow. They’ve saved me from certain spiritual and physical death many times in this life. Their mission is love, that’s all.


I used to call upon my funny galactic uncles often for answers. As I’ve evolved I find I don’t need them as often. They’ve shown me how to answer my own questions by stepping back and observing the question again. They love to joke around and many times answers are literally pointed out as “Hello it’s obvious”. I love my Arcturian family members and sometimes I’ll call them up just to say hello and ask what’s new. The answer very often is “Nothing is new under many suns.” I ask anyway.


On the night of 10.11 I visited my guides in their “Round table”.. A gazing pool which manifests them into a physical form suitable for viewing. I’ve spoken to them many times without the round table.. It’s like trying to keep your eyes on a floating spiders web.. Rather difficult and distracting. That night, they weren’t around the pool ready to talk. I opened my minds eye further and saw they were not standing by that night. “Hmm, my guys go out?” I wondered. What was all the fuss about all day if you aren’t even here? As soon as the thought was out, I received some kind of invitation “Join us!” they exclaimed. I agreed but expected a remote view from the pool, per usual. I expected there was some short in the communication line. I connected again.. It turned out as usual they were being literal by saying “Join Us”. I found myself traveling through space to join my family for what I hoped was some type of galactic BBQ.


As I left my bed I was excited about where I was going. I’ve been in regular communication with my guides for about ten years now.. But I’ve never been invited over. I flew or floated/was pulled through galactic goop to catch my ride. My arms and legs were outstretched like 1960’s Superman as I hopped a wormhole-slide to their location.


Wormholes are the public transit of the galaxy. They do not travel quickly as cartoons would suggest. They’re actually “slow motion” causing space/time to break and your intentioned destination/dimension to manifest. This is similar to taking a “car trip” via instant teleportation, wormholes are more like the subway. No space resident has time to go the long way. The universe is a huge ever expanding place!


As I approached this dazzling stop was called the “Sun of Love”.. I was privy to this info by reading ancient symbols depicted on the walls as I traveled through. I was told I was approaching Star Vesta via announcement.. Loud and clear just like on a train. I took my exit by tumbling through the walls. “But isn’t Vesta an asteroid?” I asked on the way out. No one outright answered me. “What a silly question” echoed in my mind on loop.

I was distracted and suddenly realized how beautiful Vesta was for the first time. It was not the grey cratered planet we’ve been shown. I swam-floated in that direction immediately. She was Indigo and violet, flaring out in all directions with ten thousand iridescent/translucent wavy spidery legs for rays. These little legs were serving to pull other souls through her entry points.. Which evidently look like boring ole’ craters to NASA. Some of the souls were so tired they had to be pulled in fully by her. There were so many, thousands, coming from all directions in our galaxy. Lovingly reflexive would be a good way to describe it.


“It’s Ultraviolet” I was suddenly told as my guides joined with me to enter Vesta. “Oh ok, good to know” I replied as I supermanned my way through floating space goo. “It’s Ultraviolet and healing. Like far infrared, but we use infarindigo. Nothing like it around!” I paused.. “What is this place all about? I thought it was a party or something.” I added, “Is it what some people call heaven?” I knew that wasn’t accurate, but I was curious to what they’d say. “Heaven is where your heart is” One of them answered. Another quipped “Home is where your heart is, actually”. The first responded “No no, it’s all the same!” My guides often bantered like this for amusement. It didn’t answer my question directly but my question was answered.

As I arrived to the atmosphere I was asked to hold my breath and “pause my heart button” for the gaseous transition or I may “pop”. I suddenly realized I’d been holding my breath during the whole commute! “Don’t worry” they said “It happened in a mere moment. You can deal with that.. Can’t you hold your breath for more than a second?” Touché my family, touché.


As I got closer I was gently encased inside of a fingernail-pistachio shaped clearish pod. I traveled around to the other side of the planet as two of my guides flew on either side of me. I was being escorted somewhere very important. It was very Star Wars + The Jetsons on acid. I was wide eyed but drowsy. The air was foggy, thick, and it sparkled. There was no smell because there was no weight. Evidently you must have one to have the other. I remember feeling dizzy because of the transition and the height.


When I wondered about my need to be inside this Jetson’s car-pod I was shown (minds eye projected) images of Earthbodies “popping” upon atmospheric entry. “How Columbia of them” I quipped. They giggled. “The energetic vibration of Vesta is so pure that any sliver of fear/hate instantly makes your being out of balance here. As you know from holistic study, out of balance means physical body death.” Ooooh, okay thank you I thought. “You’re welcome” they said.

As I got closer I realized I too was being pulled, invited, welcomed by one of her indigo rays. I felt like a tiny fish being guided into and by it’s anemone. “Is this where the term Indigo Children comes from? This indigo planet?! Are indigo’s all from Vesta?” I was so excited. “We think yes” They echoed “But not one hundred percent of them”. 


The light should’ve been blinding me at this point, but I was able to gaze directly into Vesta. I was told my Pineal gland was evolved enough to see clearly. I was shown images of my chakras, my light body, and my energetic health waves. It was like going to a real Doctor for a checkup. I was congratulated for all my hard work in Earth school by others as we arrived in the outskirts. “Welcome home” they said. I remember thinking I wanted to sob in relief, but tears didn’t translate, and they told me to breath deeply instead.

The feeling I had in my heart was heavy, in a sugary sweet way. “Bittersweet it is to return home” They told me “Here you can translate your energies and work on a higher plane. Now you can get more work done!”. I took a shallow breath, “Welcome Home” I replied. “Thank you!” They giggled. I’d become familiar with returning to my cosmic family, to my true home of the heart/self, last summer at the Rainbow Gathering. I had the feeling that was just a stop on my path going home.. I was assured that I was correct during this brief reflection.

“Ok it’s time to go now!” they said. I was acclimated and told I didn’t need a travel aid.  We breezed along the same pathway, reflected via holographic line from our minds eye, to our destination. I remember thinking I knew where we were going just by eavesdropping on myself. I was transmitting the energies/words/thoughts of everyone in my area. I’ve been able to focus and do this on Earth my whole life. I’ve never been able to do it constantly because it’s exhausting.. Like a radio antenna picking up too many bad stations. I tune out. One of my guys piped up, “We all do this. You hear things you thought you were crazy, no one is crazy. (people) Just need to tune in properly. Mechanisms get broken that way. We are all guided to where we belong. You’ve guided so many others on their way home. Here we are to remind you of where your home is, Christinus: Christina.” I was thoughtless and speechless for a while after that.

Golden Light (2)

My guides were literally guiding me home. I felt so silly realizing that’s why they are called “Guides” it’s their job!! They looked differently than I was used to before meeting at Vesta. I gazed at them like a baby to it’s mother. Beautiful creatures. No longer were they my little rumple headed uncles. They looked magical.. Like flying Jellyfish, with angels faces, made of silk and linen. They trailed back into a fog. Like a tube-shaped wedding dress made of magical faerie silk. We flew over the indigo and pink planet below like fireflies. Leaving behind shimmering strings of joy. They were comets.


The atmospheric Hz of Vesta hovered around 440. I recognized it as “home” and was told it was the best healing frequency across the planes. It “could heal just about any soul” they said. I closed my eyes and let the humming buzz of 440hz take me through the barrier walls of Vesta’s crust and crater. To penetrate into the plane you must sync with the frequency. It came naturally to me but I observed others unable to enter. “Why are there wall structures here?” I asked “Shouldn’t this place be open to everyone?” I was told “Those are imaginary walls, not everyone is ready for this place. They’ve (people) have constructed walls to keep themselves out of here. We want everyone to join us and heal their souls, but that’s just not possible at this time wave. It’s up to the individual, not us.” I said nothing.

I was breaking into a pink-tinted opaque interior Atrium, with it’s holographic deep purples and reflective surfaces, like mother of pearl. The blue ozone reminded me of glittering care bear clouds. The green vines and flowering plants found within the inner chambers moved like snakes around the walls and floors. The walls themselves were like sheets and points of Aura and rose quartz. The air was literally sparkly and for a moment I wondered how I could be there if there were no oxygen. I gasped out of conditioning. My guides laughed at me and told me I was just “too funny sometimes”. The ground was a pink chalk that felt as soft as satin between my toes. We stopped for a drink of water. Water is the same on all planets, just cleaner outside of Earth. There was yellow light casting an orange glow on the walls at times. I understood this to be the end of the daylight.


Later I was told that it was not oxygen I was breathing but rather a universal nourishment, in gas form. I asked what that was and my guides laughed again “Don’t you already know, Christinus?” I guess I did, but not really.

I was taken to a place beyond the inner gardens that looked like a giant bubble shaped room. Here souls were floating in the dense, rainbow, nebula-like, shimmery air. Some people (Ie: Human Souls) shared large bubble rooms, while other souls (not human) had their own private, smaller spaces. Some souls were curled in various fetal positions, while others fully outstretched to the fullest. Some looked sleepy and others elated. Some catatonic and some just peacefully smiled. I asked my guides why they were here and if they were in between lives. They told me that here, in the heart of Vesta, lies the heart of all souls. That the frequency is so pure, souls come from far and around seeking healing and health. I was told that once home the purging of energetic cling ons, parasites, toxins, and all varieties of illness can be dissolved.


I understood the rooms to be similar to meditation classes. They told me I was correct. There are group and solo rooms, depending and deepening on need. I was shown flashes of Yogis through time achieving the 440hz frequency as a channel to Earth. I was asked to share this story with others and I agreed. I received third eye departing nods and shown to my bubble pod. Here I would go back to sleep, wake up nourished and fully charged in my bed.


While I slept I understood exactly what that the pink and blue air which sparkled was.. The “universal nourishment in gas form” is LOVE. My bubble filled up with this scentless air and I drifted off to sleep. I received a download of information regarding this chamber as a “Resonance frequency tuning room wherein human souls may visit and thus recharge and realign their frequency with the light.”

When I asked if I could do this in my sleep each night, I was told “Here the holographic sacred geometries are used in conjunction with other healing tools. When you visit this safe space to receive love you are essentially realigning your entire cellular structure. This is the reason people sleep, to purge toxins and retune their bodies. People have forgotten how to sleep. You must remind them so they do not sleep while awake.”

I was told and shown a “plug in” which is like an instant antennae for the location/delivery to Vesta. If anyone needs it, is available. It lands at a point on the base of the skull, even with the right inner ear mechanism. It may cause headaches during the first 72hrs. I’ve been using it forever and had it tuned up while visiting. I woke up fully rested and it took me two weeks to recall everything. I’m happy to share it with you all.

Love from Vesta and The Arcturian Guides-

Christina (Christinus)

After publishing this I started research on some specific stars and their influence. I felt drawn to a specific star and found my natal Vesta sits directly on THE NORTHERN BULL’S EYE, EPSILON TAURI at 7 Degrees of Gemini. From the internet: “This star gives artistic talent, writing ability, popularity, scientific and occult ability, and is often prominent in the charts of astrologers. These people often make outstanding contributions in their chosen fields.”

I Googled 440Hz discovering it’s A above middle C. “The perfect universal tuning pitch” as described by the internet.


Just a little joke from my Guides:

The fact that NASA used engines, while deeming certain places hundreds of “light years” away, made Earth the laughing stock of the Milky Way for long time. (it’s) Similar to saying that walking is faster than air travel. Good thing for those (people) like you (me/we/us). You say think outside of the box on Earth.. We ask why is there a box over your planet? That’s silly.

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