Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse 10.18.13

Full Moons bring out the toxins in us all. It’s the purging cycle of the Moon. Pull it out, bloom it be, give it away.

The 25th degree of Aries relates to materialism and owning/controlling too much. It’s urging us to communicate our intents and speak from our hearts. Aries and the 1st House of the Zodiac represent our personal figure face. It’s the GO button! When Aries is on point it runs full steam ahead, the Ram charges towards it’s goals. Aries teaches us bravery, boldness, and action.

The Cardinal signs Aries-1st house/ Cancer-4th house/ Libra- 7th House/ Capricorn-11th house are most sensitive to this powerhouse Full Moon+Eclipse combo.

The 25th degree of Aries:

“A great dragon asleep in a cave.
Storing up for centuries all of the best goodies for the time when they are needed, meanwhile, you are cast loose between source and destination, buffeted by strange winds and held firmly between the ancient past and the near future. Karmically held in the balance. Truly having nothing to do until waiting is fulfilled. But where there is nothing to do, mischief and mayhem proliferate. You participate in karmic scenarios, elaborate dramatizations, variations on the theme of nobody home and nothing happening yet. Supremely restless while deeply restful. If there should come a time when all the signal flares go off and give the go ahead, your stored up power and resources shall prove to be absolutely incredible. From way back when to the promised time, you feel a projectile of intent to hold on no matter what. In a cross between a crazy deal and the purest vows of commitment not to push the river and to wait for the universal waters to flood their banks and bring you back alive, right on time for futures unlimited.”



I thought this was posted on the 18th but alas, it did not. Tisk tisk WordPress.

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